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5 Tips to Set Up Your Home Office


The home office has emerged as one of the most important residential amenities, Entrepreneur reports. The trend points to a rise in self-employment and flexible working office policies that are putting more workers in front of their home computer.

But setting up a home office is more than just opening up your laptop and getting to work at a desk in a spare room. Setting it up the right way can create a career sanctuary you need to get more done and stay productive. Here are five tips to set up your home office for success.

Plan out your space

Before you get your office space set up, plan how you’re going to use it first. Packing up inventory requires long tables and plenty of storage to stay productive and on task. Meanwhile, a career focused around freelance writing or graphic design needs a quiet space and good lighting to avoid eye strain.

Once you’ve sorted out how you will use your office space, take the time to measure out how your tables, desks and furniture will fit. However, leave enough room to add personal touches like throw rugs and decorations.

Get colorful

Breathe life into your home office with brightly painted walls. Add framed photos of your favorite vacation destinations and family moments. Add a unique piece of wall art, like a painting or wall tapestry with intriguing designs, photo-inspired motifs or natural florals. Finish off your look with a colorful throw rug to tie your office space together, HGTV suggests.

Use the right lighting

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, poor lighting can cause blurred vision, headaches and eyestrain. However, quality lighting can limit glare and extreme contrasts that put a strain on your eyes. Keep your home office light at optimum levels by adding desk and floor lamps to your space to enhance your office style while brightening up the room.

Incorporate lots of storage

It’s unlikely you’ll ever run out of things to store in your home office. Whether you’re tucking away paperwork or sorting through old photos and art supplies, you need a spot to put everything to keep clutter at bay. Look to wall shelving with transparent bins to see what you’re storing. Or use bright orange, yellow and red containers to add more color and life to your office.

Keep good records

Part of setting up your home office is keeping good tax records. Consult with your accountant or the latest IRS deductions to save money come tax time; the 2016 prescribed rate was $5 per square foot with a maximum of 300 square feet. It’s possible you could also deduct home office equipment expenses, internet and part of your phone bill.

Remember that a home office is a sacred space to get your work done, indulge in some private time and reconnect with a different part of your life. Set boundaries with your family from the start, including knocking before entering, leaving you in peace unless there’s an emergency and being respectful or your office space. The sooner you carve out that part of your life and home for yourself, the easier it will be to stay productive while keeping your sanity intact.

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