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5 Ways Your Small-Business Data Can Cause Disaster


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Your business can’t afford to lose potential customers due to downtime, data loss and diminished reliability. Unfortunately, far too many business owners fail to safeguard their data from corruption, theft and loss. Do you know the leading causes of data loss and how to prepare? Here’s a round-up of what to look out for.

Backup Failure

Using a computer without a backup or recovery system is like driving without automobile insurance. Your valuable data is likely to be corrupted or lost with no viable way to retrieve it. Backup failures are an unfortunate part of computer and device use, but testing your data’s recovery is crucial to ensure success. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to regularly test their data to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Fortunately, you don’t have to employ a dedicated IT team to keep your data secure. Save money by outsourcing your data backup to the cloud with a service like Mozy. Create a set-it-and-forget-it system for backing up your data at your discretion. From there, Mozy does the rest without needing to log in and check the process. If data is lost, users can quickly restore the files they need or their entire computer.

Hardware Damage

Damage to your servers, computer and devices can cause instantaneous and unrecoverable data loss. It’s not enough to find the best durable and waterproof cases. Regardless of how well-protected your laptops and smartphones are, internal systems can still go bad without warning. After all, drives and operating systems don’t last forever.

Hardware repair is sometimes possible, but doesn’t always guarantee your data is recoverable. That can mean a lot of time and money spent on trying to fix an unsolvable problem. Ultimately you’re left with a broken device, irretrievable data and facing a loss in revenue.


Ransomware is on the rise, and victims can fall prey to this type of hacking when they find themselves locked out of their devices and are unable to retrieve their data without paying a hacker. At times, hackers are known to retaliate and send compromising information to the contacts in your device.

Your only protection against ransomware is a two-step process. Back up your data to a third party cloud provider that focuses on preventing downtime and malicious attacks. Most reputable providers will provide encrypted technology to keep your data safe and ready for retrieval. Next, perform a factory reset on your device and create new passwords and pins.

Human Error

It’s far too common for data to be lost forever from simple human error. Overwriting old data, not saving correctly or accidentally shutting down your computer are just a few ways data is lost by our own carelessness. However, there could be a small silver lining in this data-loss scenario: Human error causes more data loss than malicious hacking — and it’s largely preventable. Create a procedure for how data should be saved and handled by you or your staff. Next, back up all data to the cloud so it can easily be restored.

Natural Disasters

According to a study published by The Ohio State University, people rely more on feeling than fact and, by and large, have trouble connecting emotionally to something if the odds of it happening aren’t high. This may be why people don’t consider how a flood, fire, tornado or building damage could cause data loss. A freak storm could wipe out your servers, destroy your devices and leave you powerless to restore your business.

While it’s impossible to prepare for everything, it is possible to properly back up and test your data-recovery plan. Proper planning and data-loss prevention is your only line of defense, regardless of what disaster, hack or damage occurs.

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