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A Successful Brand Requires a Target Market


Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerA Successful Brand Requires a Target MarketThere’s an old saying I’m sure you’ve heard: “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it. Every time.”

That saying applies to choosing a market. Saying that you will market to everyone will actually diminish your brand and therefore your success.

Why? Because if you don’t have a particular person in mind as you develop and promote your products or services, you will be widely missing the mark.

How do you know, for instance, your audience likes a certain color? Or a particular font? How do you even know what they are looking for if you don’t know who they are?

Let’s take clothing stores. Going into a Guess outlet store is vastly different from going into a Dress Barn, wouldn’t you say?

Choosing a target market takes extensive research. But it’s worth the time!

You need to know what pain your audience is experiencing. What is it they fear losing? Most people want to stay in their comfort zones and will not make a decision, a change, until they recognize that if they don’t seek a solution, what they most value will be lost.

So How Do You Choose One?

The first question is, who do you have an affinity for? Who do you hang around with most of the time? For me, after I became a homeschooling mother, I realized that I had found my market. I have further refined it to include Christian homeschooling families, because I see the need for all family members to learn how to start and run a home business.

How Do You Do Research?

It really is all at your fingertips! It’s as simple as spending time on Google. Just Google your chosen audience. See how many results you get. Find out how many are in your chosen target, what their average salary is, education, age, etc. Do keyword research on your target market. A great tool for this is Keyword Spy. You can get an idea of how hot your market is by researching the keywords for that market.

Niche or affinity marketing is an extremely effective way to pursue this research. As I mentioned before, knowing who you spend time with will help you narrow down your focus. For me, being involved in marketing training for Christian homeschooling entrepreneurs really gave me an enthusiasm for this audience. And now I see that it is a growing trend. More and more families are choosing to homeschool and more and more families want to create self-employment opportunities so they are not dependent on one income or on government programs.

Once you have chosen your target market, getting to know them is essential. Do some interviews. Ask questions like, “What are you looking for?” Start networking and making friends.

Facebook is extremely useful for networking and getting to know your target market. Get involved in groups and engage in conversations. Be helpful. Be yourself.

You might want to consider creating your own tribe. That’s what I did with Christian homeschooling family entrepreneurs. I created this Facebook group to provide a group of like-minded women who can support each other. Indeed, they are a great support to me and a font of wisdom. It is like having my own focus group where I can test out ideas. And the women in the group use it that way, too. The feedback I have gotten from them is invaluable. And most importantly, they have become my friends and I have begun a few joint venture projects with some of them.

When you choose a target market and offer them your product or service based on your passions, then you will experience success in branding, and therefore success in your home business!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dana Susan Beasley, the creator of an online training program called Brand Identity Quest, helps Christian families create sizzling brands so they can build dazzling futures. A graphic artist, writer, and homeschooling mom to a special needs son, she is the owner of AngelArts, an arts agency and publishing house. It’s purpose is to inspire audiences to reach for new heights in their lives and beyond through excellently-designed publications and products using original art and literature. To take her free mini-course, 5 Steps to a Wildly Successful Home Business, click here to start now.

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