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Five Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant


Pebbles Jacobo, All Things VA bloggerpebbles-reasonsFor a busy entrepreneur not to have a virtual assistant on staff, or at least on retainer, is for a king not to have his knights or a coffee shop not to serve coffee. Scratch that. It would be the same as a king CHOOSING not to have or make use of his knights, being a wayward traveler and lone ranger or a coffee shop CHOOSING not to serve coffee. None of those work out very well.

Simply put busy entrepreneurs are just that – they’re busy! A virtual assistant is akin to an off-site employee providing web and general administrative assistance.

1.      Versatile Skill Sets: Virtual assistants, like other employees, come in all manners of knowledge, experiences and skills. Often times their versatility enables them to easily switch gears, modes and even programs easily. Often times a virtual assistant you use for research and database collection might also be the same one you can use or web design or document formatting.

2.      Cost Effective:  You pay only for time spent on tasks as opposed to coffee breaks, late starts and vacations. Granted, you’ll want to check with your virtual assistant before you hire them to verify whether they round up their time ‘spent’ on projects to the nearest quarter hour, which is a common practice for freelance workers paid hourly.

3.      Excellent Resource:  Whether hiring directly or utilizing specific skill sets, virtual assistants are excellent resources, especially when used to manage off-site teams, no matter the project. Most virtual assistants, by nature, are capable of working remotely with very little input. This, in and of itself, reduces time spent on spinning ones wheels trying to complete specific projects and tasks.

4.      Reduced Overhead:  When working with a virtual assistant it is up, as sub-contractors and independent companies it is up to the virtual assistant to pay for their unemployment and health care insurances as well as any other benefits. This further reduces your overhead, an added bonus whether you are a large company or a small business entrepreneur getting started.

5.      Quality Work:  Virtual assistants are not only paid hourly, but their clients also have the option to ‘fire’ them for sub-standard work. As their own bosses, virtual assistants tend to be a little pickier with regards to the standards of their work. Besides, they WANT repeat customers and customers happy with the quality of their work are repeat customers.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pebbles Jacobo is the owner of A&P Virtual Enterprises,, which she, with the guidance of her husband, started when she began  working from home as a VA (Virtual Assistant) several years ago. As Content Manager of the leading Christian work-at-home site online,, Pebbles found herself thoroughly intrigued and fascinated with the world of social media. Her love of social media has grown over the years.  She now offers Social Media Marketing, as well as Blog Management, Editing, E-Book Formatting and Conversion, VA Training, and a host of other services to her clients, which include speakers, authors and entrepreneurs alike.  Connect with Pebbles on Facebook.


  1. Terry King says:

    I’m a Christian Mom looking to work from home. I have 18 years experience as an Administrative Assistant, can work on my own with little supervision. I would really like your help to get started at home.

  2. Peggy Nolan says:

    My first experience with a VA was less than stellar. She was someone I knew, someone local, and she seemed knowledgeable in areas that would have given me time to focus on creating content rather than website redesign. Turned out she couldn’t deliver. She was in over her head.

    How does a busy entrepreneur figure out if a VA can do the do?

    Peggy (from UBC)

  3. Debbie says:


    I’m also a VA, so I have to agree with all of your excellent reasons for hiring us! We also save business owners tons of time that they can then spend doing what they do best, to grow business.

    Great article!

  4. Pebbles Jacobo says:

    Opening up shop as a VA has been the hardest, yet most rewarding adventure of my life to date (and I’ve had all kinds of adventures!!). You have to be committed to a goal and really work at it. I do mentor, Terry. I invite you to connect with me on Facebook and send me your email address to Pebbles @ (no spaces) and I can send over information about mentoring with me and get you on your way to working from home as a Virtual Assistant. 🙂

  5. Pebbles Jacobo says:


    When working with VAs don’t be afraid to ask about their experience, ask for references of people they have worked with and, in cases of graphic art, logo or web designing – ask for their portfolio. I start new VAs (who work for me) on smaller tasks to gauge their skill set, comprehension, and ability.

    Don’t give up on working with a VA. There are GREAT ones out there. Sometimes it’s just a matter of sifting through to find the right one just for you. Good luck!

  6. Pebbles Jacobo says:

    I LOVE meeting fellow VAs!! You’re absolutely correct, we DO save business owners tons of time, especially for the pesky tasks that keep them from revenue-generating tasks.

    I’m glad you like the article. 🙂

  7. Renee says:

    This sounds interesting…but it sounds like an ad, not a blog.

  8. Pebbles Jacobo says:

    It wasn’t written as an ad but as an informational piece. So many people don’t know what it mean a virtual assistant is or does or how their business could benefit from having one on staff. I know as I’ve been asked numerous times over the years. The virtual assistant industry as a whole is so new.

  9. Takiela says:

    As always Pebbles you’ve provided us “non-VA” individuals with excellent information. I know had it not been for my VA I’d be in an awful situation. It’s next to impossible for writers, speakers, entrepreneurs, do what they do best and carry the tiresome load of the administrative side of their business or ministry. In my opinion VAs are like nurses they cater to the needs of the people personally yet professionally. It’s quite a delicate balance. Here’s to all the awesome VAs in the world, especially mine…she’s simply the best! (wink, wink)

  10. Pebbles Jacobo says:

    Thanks, Takiela! I never thought of VA’s as nurses, but I like your analogy. 🙂

  11. otbas says:

    Virtual Assistants I really want to help you get started in the home business providing good information ….Thanks for sharing ..


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