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10 Low­-Cost Vendor Booth Ideas to Rocket Your Brand Recognition


DanamarketAs Christian work at home business owners, we need to get out in the community on a regular basis. I have found the best way to get out in front of my target market is to participate in vendor fairs.

But signage can be extremely expensive. And how can you make your booth appealing instead of drab and boring?

This is an area where I’ve put much thought into. While I have a long ways to go, I have also made great strides, all while being on a limited budget. Let me share some ideas with you:

1) Make a banner with

This is where I had my large, full­color banner made. It was extremely affordable, I believe less than $50. It didn’t take me long to get it and I could fully customize it to my branding. Their banner fits easily on a typical vendor table and it comes with grommets. It is durable vinyl. I have had mine for a couple years now and it is in good shape.

2) Use presentation boards from Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby seems to have the best variety of tri­fold presentation boards at the best price. They have many colors that will fit within your brand.

3) Use fabric to cover up the boards to make them look even more unique!

This is what I did with a couple of boards I had. I spruced them up with fabric. Actually, they were curtains that I got for cheap and I cut them to fit. It made for a very unique presentation. I had to use a very sturdy tape to glue the posters onto the board, so be aware of that!

4) Google “Science Fair Presentation Boards” to get layout ideas.

This is what got me stuck for a long time. How could I create an appealing layout that would grab people’s attention?

I ended up Googling about science fairs and looking through many, many images. I found several guidelines that gave me ideas. I then took those ideas and made a “dummy” on a piece of paper.

5) Use your own color printer to make posters.

The other day, I was in a vendor fair and needed to make a new display board. I designed several posters and printed them out on my inkjet, then arranged them on the board. I used to have a large format printer which would have made this process even better, but this time around I had to work with letter­-sized paper. A glossy, high quality paper works best, but in a pinch I just used what I had. It turned out great! How do I know? I talked to many, many people that day as they were attracted to my display and wanted to know more!

But just a little warning: I am not fond of Canon printers. Mine has been somewhat of a disaster for me as it has not communicated that well with the computer. I have found Epson printers to be on the whole more reliable.

6) Use crates and other objects to add interest to your table.

Last Christmas I was in a vendor fair and had a fair amount of products to display. I had no budget to create a table so I looked within my house to find a few interesting accessories. First, I found some crates that happened to be painted red. Perfect for the season! I put several crates on the table in interesting angles and displayed my products in them. For the banners and posters, I cut them with wavy scissors then placed them in frames. I displayed the pictures on easels on the table. And of course, I used a table cloth that I happened to have. I also brought a few Christmas decorations from my home to add a little flare.

7) Don’t just lay literature and marketing materials flat on a table.

For my flyers, business cards, and bookmarks that I give away, I put them in brochure holders. You can buy these at Office Depot. There are other creative display holders that you could use­­like baskets from a thrift store. Last Christmas, I used Christmas tins! Be creative and your vendor booth will be an attractive place participants of a fair will be drawn to. And that will ultimately bring you branding success!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dana Susan Beasley, the creator of an online training program called Brand Identity Quest, helps Christian families create sizzling brands so they can build dazzling futures. A graphic artist, writer, and homeschooling mom to a special needs son, she is the owner of AngelArts, an arts agency and publishing house. It’s purpose is to inspire audiences to reach for new heights in their lives and beyond through excellently-designed publications and products using original art and literature. To take her free mini-course, 5 Steps to a Wildly Successful Home Business, click here to start now.

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