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3 Keys to a Long and Successful Career


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Some people never find that one career which will take them all the way through life, while others land the perfect job fresh out of school and stay there 40+ years until they retire. If you have been searching for a career that will interest you enough to keep you on the job without losing interest after the first few months, here are 3 keys to a long and successful career. This is serious food for thought.

A Career You Are Passionate About

The first step in finding a career that will take you through life is to find something you are passionate about. Some people explore careers in music because that is where their talents and passion lie. Other people find that they need to work at something that is more physical in nature and why some men go into building while others make a career of engineering or designing. Find something you love and then research how to qualify for a job within that field.

A Career That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

One of the biggest detriments to longevity is how you feel about yourself after a long day at work. Some jobs just don’t give you that sense of satisfaction like you’ve actually accomplished something. For example, a career as an occupational therapist most often leaves you feeling good about yourself because you are helping others through the rehabilitation process if they’ve been injured to a degree that keeps them from living a normal lifestyle.

Sites like can help you discover what kind of education you need to enter that field and once you have a degree, certificate or diploma, you can actually do something personally rewarding. Feeling good about yourself and what you are doing is a key component in a long and successful career.

A Career with a Future

Also, you will want to explore what the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has to say about the future of a career you are interested in. Taking that same example of an occupational therapist, what does the BLS forecast for the next decade? Is it a career with a future? Is there room for growth within your field? Sometimes you can be passionate about what you do and feel good about what you can accomplish, but if job prospects are poor, you may not be working there for any length of time.

When seeking a life-long career, all three of these elements must be in place if you have any hope of staying in the field. Not only do you need to really love what you are doing but you also need to feel good about it. Human nature is such that we need to feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done. And finally, does your chosen career have a future you can look forward to? Are you looking at a job that just might succumb to technology at some point in time? Some jobs might become obsolete over time, but not so most careers in healthcare, for example.

Keep these 3 keys in mind so that you can unlock the door to a long and successful career.

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