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3 Rewarding Careers In The Emergency Services


If you’re looking for an exciting career where no two days are the same and you get the opportunity to help others in a meaningful way on a regular basis, the emergency services might be the way to go. They play a vital role in keeping people safe so you’ll get great job satisfaction, and the salaries for some of these jobs is pretty good as well. The first thing that springs to mind when you think of the emergency services is the police force which puts a lot of people off because of the danger involved but that’s only one part of the emergency services. These are some of your other options.



If you want a career that combines a love of driving with a desire to help people, being a paramedic might be worth considering. You’ll be first on the scene in an emergency, giving preliminary care to patients while you get them to the hospital. It’s a pretty high intensity job and you’ll see some quite harrowing things so if you have a weak disposition, you probably aren’t suited to being a paramedic. Another big thing that people struggle with is losing patients; you aren’t going to be able to save every single one and it can be incredibly difficult emotionally when things go wrong. It takes a certain type of person to be able to deal with that strain.


Program Director

People that still want to be involved in the emergency services and help people, but can’t handle being on the front lines, should think about a career as a program director. Program directors are essentially the big picture people, they help with the organization and direction of the people on the ground when dealing with emergencies. You’ll need to get qualified before you start applying for positions but you can get a public safety degree online which you can do in your spare time so it doesn’t mean having to go back to college full time. It’ll take you around 3 years to complete, after which time you’ll be qualified to work as a program director.


Emergency Dispatcher

One of the most important jobs in the emergency services is answering the phone to people in distress and directing police or paramedics to help them. You can land a job as an emergency dispatcher without any previous qualifications, you’ll just need to complete some written tests during the application. Your job will be to answer the phones, take control of the situation and get the information you need from the caller and then decide what action to take. It’s an incredibly high pressure job which often involves working night shifts. The biggest challenge you’ll face is dealing with the emotional impact of the calls you get. Sometimes, you’ll be speaking to people in dangerous or incredibly distressing situations and hearing that first hand, while knowing that you can’t do anything but wait until the emergency services arrive can be a struggle to deal with.


There are countless options for people that want to work with the emergency services, it’s not all about being a police officer.

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