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4 Habits that Take You from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur


Are you an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur? Having an idea doesn’t make you an entrepreneur until you’ve put it into action and built a business. Even if it’s a small business, what makes you an entrepreneur is taking consistent action, which has to come from a place of real passion to be sustainable. There are a few habits that set entrepreneurs apart from the wannabes, and it’s important to know what these are in order to step into the shoes of a true entrepreneur.

1. Pursue Your Vision, Not the Money

While revenue generation is a major benchmark of your business success, going after the money alone doesn’t help you sustain a healthy business for the long haul. Whether you’re launching a business or working to improve an existing business, it’s critical to start with a vision of what success means for your business outside the money it makes.

Does your business work toward solving a key problem society faces? Does it aim to make people’s lives more efficient or more comfortable? At the core of every profit-driven business model is a problem that’s being solved. Once you have a vision of your business’ purpose, allow that to drive you, and the money will inevitably follow.

2. Set Actionable Goals and Hold Yourself Accountable

Wantrepreneurs say “I’ll do it someday,” but entrepreneurs pencil it in. For entrepreneurs, goal setting is more than writing down what you want to achieve. It’s about creating an actionable plan to accomplish these results and devising strategies that hold you accountable to it.

Start with your company’s vision (the solution you provide to a problem) and break it down into annual goals. Next, divide your annual goals into monthly benchmarks. Break those down into weakly goals and even daily tasks that all work toward the attainment of your desired result. Pencil those tasks into your schedule so that you get them done!

3. Start Where You Are

Wantrepreneurs have tons of excuses that enable them to procrastinate. One of the most common excuses is the lack of a huge start-up fund. The truth is, you’ll never get started if you wait and wait until all the stars seem to align. You need to start where you are and make smaller investments into your business if you’re on a smaller budget. Everyone starts somewhere, and some growth is better than not growing at all.

For example, many wantrepreneurs believe they need to spend a lot of money on their brand’s image when they’re just starting out. In reality, you can get started with a DIY logo for your brand, and allow your brand’s image to grow with your business over time. For example, FlashMarks is a free tool that lets you create your own custom logo design in a flash from any desktop or mobile device. It even resizes your logo for different social media websites, so you have no excuses not to get started with marketing your startup business online.

4. Don’t Stop Pushing Forward

Whereas wantrepreneurs give up, entrepreneurs don’t let failures stop them. Instead of complaining or assigning blame, entrepreneurs learn from mistakes and keep moving. Learning from failures makes you a better, more experienced leader, so don’t let your ego get in the way of seeing your mistakes as learning experiences. Also, don’t allow the fear of failure to stop you from taking action.

What sets entrepreneurs apart from wantrepreneurs are their habits and their mindset. Entrepreneurs let their purpose guide them, and use failure to propel rather than inhibit them. Whereas wantrepreneurs procrastinate and entertain wishful thinking, entrepreneurs pursue goals and hold themselves to strategic plans that get them where they want to be.

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