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4 Reasons to Consider a Career in Nursing


Nurses are a group of medical professionals who are often overlooked but always appreciated. They are taught how to take care of the people who are sick and are often found in hospitals. Nurses are not just found in hospitals, however. Nurses can perform a variety of tasks and work in different locations, while still following their code, to do their best to provide for their patients. Whether looking to the near future or the distant one, here are four reasons to consider a career in nursing.

Flexible Schedules

One of the benefits of working as a nurse is that nurses are always in high demand. With that, there are also options to work either full-time or part-time. This allows a nurse to have more flexibility in their schedules, working either days or nights or shorter shifts or longer ones. This allows the nurse to have a work-life balance not available in some other professions. Some training programs, like the nursing program at Bradley University Online, are also very flexible. These allow the student to work at their own pace and can be done in the comfort of their own home.  

Make a Difference

A nurse is uniquely positioned to make a difference in the lives of the people around them. Nurses are the ones who spend the most time with patients, answering questions in a kind and professional manner. They are able to calm the concerns of a patient, comfort people receiving shots, hand newborns to their parents, and help someone leave this world with dignity and grace. There are many things that nurses do that might seem to be less than glamorous, but these moments are the ones that patients and their families remember later on.


There are many different places that a nurse can work and study, from hospitals and clinics to schools and private homes. In addition to the places that nurses can work, they can also hold a variety of jobs. Nurse Practitioners, for example, are licensed to treat some medical conditions without a doctor present. Some nurses work as educators or researchers, and some work in hospice care. If a person is passionate about medicine and helping people, there is probably a nursing job available for them.


As in many careers, there are different levels of nursing, which are accompanied by different certifications. As a nurse continues in their career, they can change their path, moving from being a Registered Nurse to a Nurse Manager. There are chances to grow and advance in the field. It is also a career where things are never dull. New challenges are always appearing, and the hospital environment can be a fast one. For someone who thrives on challenges, nursing is a good career to consider.

There are many reasons to become a nurse. Whether a person is looking for variety, a job with a flexible schedule, chances for growth, and a chance to make a difference, nursing is a career that should not be overlooked. Nurses are often the unsung heroes of our society, quietly and effectively doing their job and making a difference.

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