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40 Days to a Better Business: Day 32 – Your Marketing Plan


40 Days to a Better Business

Yesterday Lori shared with us several reasons why our businesses need a marketing plan. We need to have specific, achievable goals in mind so that we know where our business is headed. This also allows us to discern what marketing options are best for our company and our budget to reach our target market.

Today we’re going to outline the basics of a marketing plan. Grab your notebook and create a page just for your marketing plan. Break it into sections including:

Your Market

It’s important to get to know your market as you get started. You’ll want to make note of what is already available to your market so that you can nail down a niche where you can meet needs that are not currently being met.

Also, make note of how your target market gets the information about products or services similar to yours. You’ll want to use these avenues, but more importantly you’ll want to try to come up with new and unique ways of reaching your audience.

Your Product/Service

Write out a full description for your product or service here. This will help you to define things for yourself and also to be able to easily describe your business to anyone who asks. Too often we have an idea in our heads, but find it hard to explain our business to others. By taking the time to lay it all out in this section, you’ll be confident anytime someone asks about your company.

Also, take time in this section to lay out what it is that makes your company unique. What sets you apart from your competitors? Maybe your less expensive or provide amazing customer service. Whatever it is that makes you stand out should be laid out in this section.

Your Strategy

Now it’s time to make a list of the methods you will use to create a buzz about your business. These should include, but not be limited to:

* Social Media

* Press Releases

* Article Marketing

* Paid Advertising

* Website/Blog

* Trade Shows

Your Budget

Now it’s time to bring all of those ideas to reality. To do so, you must know how much you have available to spend on marketing. Once you’ve decided a total, allot specific amounts to each section in your strategy section.

It can be hard to spend money in some of these areas – especially those where you may not see a quick return. Set a budget that is easily attainable on a long-term basis. Reevaluate regularly to see what marketing methods are working best, which needs tweaking and which areas need to change.

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