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40 Days to a Better Business: Day 37 – Your Marketing Plan: Exploring Audio and Video Options


40 Days to a Better Business

One great thing about being in business today is that there are so many options available for your marketing use. There are websites, blogs, social media channels as well as the old standbys of print, tv, and radio ads. Within the last couple of years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in online marketing. The online advertising realm is continually growing and now the future looks like it rests in learning to connect with your visitors in a meaningful way in every aspect – in person and online. A great way to truly build that connection online is using audio and video.

While blogging has been the go-to source for connecting with your audience online, we’re now seeing more and more websites using audio and video. It used to be that only large corporations had the money to record and process video, but with the advent of YouTube and the price drop in HD webcams, video is now accessible to everyone.

So, how can we best use these tools to reach our audience?

* Audio – A great way to use audio on your website is to conduct interview over the phone or through Skype. Record them and then use a free tool like Audacity (by SourceForge) to edit if needed. Then you can use a plugin such as PodPress to post the audio on your WordPress blog. There are many other tools out there to help you both edit and post your audio online. Simply search for them online to learn about all of your options.

* Video – Video blogging is becoming more and more popular. It is such a great way to interact with your audience and allow them to get to know you a bit. And nowadays you can even stream live video and allow others to join you using Google Hangouts. You can choose to record video interviews, open up for a time of Question and Answer live on the air, or simply record a clip of you sharing about your business. The opportunities are endless!

There are so many great ways to use audio and video to bring new life to your website. Depending on what type of business you run, brainstorm ideas on how you can use these tools to connect with your target market.

Here are a few to get you started:

* Interview professionals in your field or even executives from  your businesses’ corporate office.

* Record short clips of yourself showing your products or giving demonstrations.

* Choose a favorite verse in the Bible and record a video sharing what God has taught you through it.

* Give a glimpse into your day with short clips of you in your office or with your family.


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