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40 Days to a Better Business: Day 38 – Your Marketing Plan: Advertising – What, Where and How


40 Days to a Better Business


Advertising is one of the most traditional – and most used – ways of spreading the word about your business. However, in today’s world there are so many options for advertising that it can be hard to know not only where to advertise, but how to make your ad stand out from all the rest. Here are some ideas to help you determine what will work best for your business and your budget.

Knowing Your Options

In this day and age there are so many advertising options available that it almost makes your head spin. You can advertise online, on TV, on the radio and in print. When you advertise online, you can pay a flat rate, per online click or even per impression.  TV, radio and print ad pricing will vary depending on the geographical location, time of day and size of the ad.

Choosing What’s Best

In order to determine what type of advertising will be right for your business, you first need to establish where your target market is. If your target market is made up of stay-at-home moms, think about where they might spend time – the grocery store, the park, in front of the TV, and online places like Facebook and possibly Twitter, depending on what type of mom you’re gearing towards (which is why it’s so important to be as specific as possible when deciding who your target market truly is).

Once you’ve come up with a list of places – both online and offline – where your target market is likely to be, it’s time to figure out how to reach them where they are. Decide on what where you want to place your ads and then think through what words or phrases might catch their attention. Also, look up keywords (using Google’s Keyword Tool) to see how people are searching online for your type of product or service and use the highest ranking keywords in your ad copy.

Budgeting For Your Business

Now it’s time to decide how much you can spend each month on your advertising campaign. Typically, a start-up will spend around  5% of it’s revenue on advertising. However, experts like those on recommend that you begin by spending closer to 7-8% of revenue on advertising, splitting this between “1) brand development costs (which includes all the channels you use to promote your brand such as your website, blogs, sales collateral, etc.), and 2) the costs of promoting your business (campaigns, advertising, events, etc.).”

Advertising is a necessity to grow your business. Take the time to lay out exactly where your target market can be found and then come up with a plan to reach them where they are. Budget a portion of your monthly revenue to go towards your advertising expenses and then be sure to do your best to create ads that will get your message across and attract buyers.


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