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40 Days to a Better Business: Day 4 – Budgeting


40 Days to a Better Business

Budget. That word has always made me cringe. It’s comical that God called me to run a ministry like CWAHM because to be honest with you, I am pretty horrible with money. I’ve made a lot of financial mistakes over the years and am still cleaning up the consequences of some of those bad decisions.

The beauty of it is we serve a forgiving, redeeming God who can take our mess and turn it into something beautiful. If we’re willing to follow His principles, we too can learn to be good stewards of our money. It’s never too late for us! So, if you are like me and even the thought of a budget make you run screaming in the other direction – read on.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be scary, but it will be hard. God calls us to do many hard things in life and for some of us managing our money is simply one of those things. But, the longer we run away from it and try to handle things on our own, the bigger our mess will become.

When it comes right down to it, what we must learn is to live within our means and be good stewards of the money that God gives us.

The good news is we can learn to do this – live within our means – no matter our income level. In fact, it makes sense that if we can spend less than we earn living on a small salary, we can certainly learn to do so with a large salary as well.

There are several ways to get started with a budget:

* Put all your money into one big “pot” and take money out for each need. You’ll want to make a list of expenses such as groceries, etc, to be sure that you have enough in the pot to cover those items before you go spending money from the pot on things that are more wants than needs.

* Use the envelope system designed by Dave Ramsey. Ramsey has a simple system set up where you create envelopes for each budget item (groceries, gas, etc) and keep the budgeted amount of cash on hand for each item. Learn more here:

* Find a household budgeting sheet that works for you. I found a list of 10 great budgeting sheets on the Christian Personal Finance website – check them out here:

All of these options can easily be used for your business as well as your personal/family budget. Working from home means being responsible for two budgets, so it’s even more important for us to have a good handle on our finances.

The key to all of this is that budgeting means making sacrifices for a set time – not forever. If we can get our finances under control and learn to live on less than we make, we should then have some money left over for the fun things in life.


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