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40 Days to a Better Business: Day 8 – Your Mission Statement


40 Days to a Better Business

Before digging into your business plan, let’s begin by writing your business mission statement. We want it to clearly reflect WHY you’re in business and WHAT your business is all about.  Begin by making a list of things that you might want to include in your mission statement. Take a look at the mission statements of other companies or ministries to give you an idea of what might work for you.

Below are a couple of things to think through as you start jotting down ideas for your mission statement.

Short and Sweet

You want your mission statement to be concise, so keep it short and simple. There’s no need for big words or fancy language. You want it to give an overview of your business in words that anyone can understand.

Personal Is Good

You want your mission statement to connect with your customers and clients. It should give them the sense that your business is more about THEM then it is about YOU. Think through questions like:

“What have I been called by God to do?”

“Who have I been called to serve?”

“Why am I starting this business?”

Be Direct

Make it clear who you are serving and how your business will benefit them. As mentioned above, you want your mission statement to be short and to-the-point.

CWAHM’s mission statement took me several weeks and multiple drafts to create. I found that I need to write something, walk away, pray and think on it and then come back to it and edit. And I had to do all of those steps multiple times. Once I got something that felt close to a final version, I sent it out to a couple of trusted friends and asked for their opinions and suggestions. I took all of their ideas into consideration and kept reviewing it until I landed on something that I was happy with.

CWAHM Mission Statement

“We equip Christ-followers to live out God’s calling in their work and family life.”


It’s time to start crafting your mission statement. Here are your first steps:


* Look at the mission statement of other businesses and ministries for ideas.

* Write a rough draft of your mission statement.

* Edit. Edit. Edit.

* Share with a trusted friend or advisor and ask for suggestions.

* Edit. Edit. Edit.

* Finalize.

* Post on the About Page of your business website – and anywhere else you’d like it included.


We’d love it if you’d share your mission statement below!


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