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5 Great Health and Wellness Home Business Ideas


family exercising togetherAccording to the Global Wellness Institute, the health and wellness industry is worth 3.4 trillion dollars worldwide. This industry encompasses general health, beauty, and weight control. People around the world are more and more inclined towards living healthier lifestyles, which makes now the ideal time to enter the field. Here are five great health and wellness home business ideas.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is in charge of guiding people through various fitness programs and helping them meet their fitness objectives. Their clients could include people who want to get into shape, athletes who want to improve their competitiveness, and older people who want to learn how to work out in ways that improve their long-term health while avoiding injury. You could work as a personal trainer in your home or your client’s home. Or, you could create online courses and consult with clients via video calls.

Health Coach

A health coach takes things one step farther than the personal trainer. They may provide advice on exercise, but they may also provide expert recommendations on nutrition, stress management, and relaxation. As a health coach, you can provide holistic advice to clients to improve all aspects of their life instead of only focusing on workouts.

Education and certification aren’t necessarily required to enter this profession, though your marketability to clients is improved by having one or both.

One benefit of health coaching is the flexibility. You could work in-person with clients, work one on one, or with groups. You might also be able to sell your expertise as part of a program or via books.

Selling Health and Wellness Products

Selling dietary supplements is one of the most popular health and wellness home businesses ideas these days. You can even sell food to people, such as gluten-free or vegan food. Others sell essential oils and other healthy living products. You could even expand your business by selling homemade and natural spa and beauty products like soaps or lotions, for instance.


Nutritionists and dieticians are a cornerstone of the health and wellness sector. They can find work in hospitals, spas, gyms, corporations and wellness centers. Another option is working as a dietary aid instead of going to school for a longer period to become a nutritionist. You check out the average dietary aide salary versus nutritionist/dietician positions to see if that would be the right career path for you.

Health Food Business

What if you know how to make healthy meals that actually taste good? You could use your skills to become a personal chef. And, you don’t necessarily have to be a trained chef to do so, but it would definitely help. However, if you work as a personal chef full-time, you may need to secure an occupational license.

You could take it one step farther and be paid to teach clients how to cook healthy meals or create gluten-free and vegan-dishes that your clients not only can eat but will enjoy. Or, you could write books or create courses to share your knowledge, creating additional streams of income.


The health and wellness is a growing field with tons of great opportunities. Try to pick a field that will allow you to make the most out of your aptitudes and interests.


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