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8 Strategies To Being More Productive in Your Workplace


There are only so many hours in the day. And when you work for yourself, so many of those hours can be taken up with small insignificant things. All of them need to be done and are part and parcel of running your business. But when your time is only taken up with the small things, when do you have time to make time for the bigger things that will help to grow your business?

There are two things that you could choose to do, to help make your days run more efficiently. You can spend more time and put in more hours working, or you can plan your time better so that you work smarter. It would be hard to imagine many people that would choose the former option over the latter; if you can work smarter then you’ll be winning. You will get the same things done, but not feel like you’re constantly at your desk or having to catch up in the evenings.

Being someone that runs a more productive and efficient business isn’t too complex. But what it does require is a change of mindset and it also needs you to be more present and deliberate in what you are doing. Each time you’re at your desk, you need to have a purpose. Not just to check emails and see what happens. You need to plan and make a plan for each day, so that you can manage your time well. If this sounds like something that you need to do more, as you’re to-do list never seems to go down, then here are some ways that you can work smarter as a business owner or entrepreneur. If you want to take your business to the next level, then it does need to be something that you do sooner rather than later. So here are some strategies that you need to help you to be more productive at work.


Track Your Time

If you think that you’re pretty good at monitoring how long you spend doing things, then it may be time to think again. While you might sit with a clock or your phone close by, do you actually monitor how long a task takes? Or do you simply just get it done, no matter how long it takes? If the latter is the case, then it is time to rethink your strategy. In order to work more productively, then it is a good idea to give yourself a set amount of time to do things. When you know you only have an hour to get a post drafted or to sort through your inbox, then you will be more focused on the job in hand. If the time limit is just ‘until you get it done’, then you will be working in a much more efficient manner.


Understand the Value of Help

When you work for yourself or have a very small business (ie. you’re the only run running things at the moment), then you take on all sorts of responsibilities. From the day to day admin, to invoicing, accounts, tax, and the main bulk of the work; it is all you. But it is important to understand the power of having someone to help you. Even if you hire a virtual assistant for a small number of hours each week, it can give you some time back that will help you to grow your business.

For instance, an assistant could help create marketing materials or run your social media channels. All of them are important aspects of your business that take time. They aren’t big money makers, though, which is why your time is better spent doing the big money tasks. You could also look into getting a system in place for things like document automation too. So much of your time can be taken up in the production of repetitive documents; leading to hours of unnecessary work. But if you have some automation (or someone doing it for you), then there will be an increase in workplace efficiency and you’ll get more done in the same amount of time.


Take Breaks

It might sound like a bit of a contradiction. But taking regular breaks can be key to help your focus and concentration. You will only do your best work when you are focused and concentrating. And if you’ve been doing one task for four hours straight, the chances of you working at your best are going to be pretty slim. Research has shown that you can maintain a good level of concentration and performance when you take breaks. Likewise, if you don’t take breaks, then it has been shown that it will lead to a decline in how well you are doing things. They don’t need to be long breaks, but ten minutes away from the desk can be just what you need to be more productive.


Sort Through Emails More Efficiently

Emails are one of the things that will keep a small business owner the busiest. And while it is all good, that is how you will get in contact with people and grow the business, you can be much more productive in how you sort through your emails. If you go to your inbox and have an hour to go through it all, it is a good idea to deal with each email as you read it. If it will take up to ten minutes to reply or action, then do it immediately. If you simply read it, flag it, and then go on to the next one, it will mean time wasted when you come back. You’ll have to re-read the email and decide what to do with it or schedule time to get it done. So you can use your time more wisely if you deal with it as and when it arrives, if you can that is, and then go from there.

Some things will take longer than 10 minutes to implement or action. But if it doesn’t take long, then do it as soon as it comes in.


Reduce Number of Meetings

Meetings can be one of the most inefficient uses of your time. They can often be to deal with various things that don’t really relate to you, as well as the general chit-chat and opinions of people, that often isn’t focused on the point of the meeting. They really can be a big time-suck. So before you arrange or attend another meeting, have a think about how often you really need to be there. Is this something that you can arrange over the phone or email, or how about getting the meeting minutes afterwards to go through? If it isn’t going to be a great use of your time, then don’t do it. Simple.


Stop Multitasking

We can often, mistakenly, think that that if we can multitask then we will get so much more done. But in fact, the opposite may actually be true. It has been shown by some psychologists that when we attempt to do several tasks at once, it actually decreases how productive we are. We can waste and lose more time when we try to multitask. Plus, you may get the tasks done, but when you can’t focus on one thing at a time, it can actually mean that you’re not doing the jobs to the best of your ability. So it may just be best to leave them to be done one at a time.


Make Time To Exercise

There are plenty of reasons why more and more corporate workspaces and offices choose to get on-site gyms and fitness facilities. While it can be a great perk of the job to have a gym to use on-site, it has also been shown to improve the productivity of the staff. So while you’re unlikely to have a gym of your own at home, you can still make time for exercise as part of your work day. Even something as simple as going for a walk can be the thing that you may need to clear your head, beat stress, and get your focus back for when you’re back at your desk. So don’t forget about the importance of moving and being active to help your productivity.


Turn off Notifications

The likes or personal emails and social media are making it harder and harder to have a long attention span. There are constant notifications if we have our cell phones right by us when we are trying to get work done. So if you can, and won’t need your phone on for calls, switch it off, put it in airplane mode, or simply turn off the notifications. It may only be a small thing, but it will mean those distractions are no longer there. You can focus on the task in hand and not be checking your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

What are some of the things that are the biggest distraction of you when you’re working? Hopefully, some of these tips will help you to be more productive and to grow your business.


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