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A Good Mindset – Essential to Your Branding Success


What is the number one factor that will ensure your branding success? Is it your knowledge? Experience? How many people you know?

Actually, the biggest factor is a positive mindset.

Why? Without self-confidence, you will sabotage your work at home business every step of the way.

As Napolean Hill says in Think and Grow Rich, lack of self-confidence is the number one reason businesses fail.

I take it a step further: As Christian business owners, we need GOD confidence.

After all, isn’t He our CEO, our boss?

I know He is mine.

The closer I get to Him, the more I trust Him, the more I know who I am in Him. And it follows that the more my identity in Him is grounded—a foundation, if you will—the more I can identify what He called me to do and the more courage I have to follow that calling. Then His presence is with me and what I do is anointed.

I see that in my own life. When I lacked self-confidence it was really a lack of trust in God. I was sabotaging my success, procrastinating, losing opportunities, afraid to be bold…

And what makes a difference in my work at home business is utter dependance on Him.

I realized that the summer of 2008 on Independence Day. I knew, as our finances were crumbling and we were faced with a failed vacation rental business and my husband’s hours cut back. I knew that I needed to stop treating my business like a hobby and get serious.

But what I didn’t know at the time was this—Even though I knew I needed utter dependence on God, I didn’t know that my lack of self confidence would stop me from succeeding for years.

And so my journey started to learn how to trust God and gain confidence in Him.

Whatever your circumstance, you can, too. Invite Him into your business, get to know Him more and more, and trust Him with your branding success.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dana Susan Beasleythe creator of an online training program called Brand Identity Quest, helps Christian families create sizzling brands so they can build dazzling futures. A graphic artist, writer, and homeschooling mom to a special needs son, she is the owner of AngelArts, an arts agency and publishing house. It’s purpose is to inspire audiences to reach for new heights in their lives and beyond through excellently-designed publications and products using original art and literature. To take her free mini-course, 5 Steps to a Wildly Successful Home Business, click here to start now.

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