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A Look at How Social Media Might Be Affecting Our Relationships


One of the most amazing benefits of living in the digital age is the Internet. What used to take hours, or even days, to accomplish can now be completed in nanoseconds, and it’s all there at our disposal with just the click of a mouse – or touchpad if you happen to be on a laptop! We can even forge new relationships thanks to social media but there is also a downside to that as well.

For those who work online, it’s only natural to spend a certain amount of time in chat rooms and on social pages, but what happens when social media consumes much of our free time? If you work from home and the Internet is a huge part of how you get things done, maybe it’s time to step back for just a moment to take an honest look at how life in cyberspace may be affecting our real-life relationships. Here is some of what you should be asking yourself.

Whatever Happened to Gathering Around the Table?

The next time you sit down to dinner, think about where you are. If you are like most people in the 21st century you are probably sitting there watching your family text away on their cell phones. While you may all be seated at the table, are you really at the table? Perhaps your mind is elsewhere.

Your kids are on Instagram or Facebook happily chatting away and you may be reading up on the day’s news or perhaps on Facebook yourself. Whatever happened to family meals around the table where everyone shared the day’s events? Can you even remember a time when no one sat at table minus a phone?

Are Sunday Afternoon Drives a Thing of the Past?

There was also a time when families would all pile in the car, attend their place of worship and then go for a drive in the country or to the lake for a picnic. While many families forego this pleasure because of the ever-rising cost of fuel, most often it’s because we’ve nothing to say to each other. We are so used to speaking with our thumbs that the spoken words are few and far between.

If you’re looking to the Internet for something to do for fun, why not get ideas from sites like Learn about family activities which are helping other families connect on a real, interpersonal level and have fun doing so. Whether it’s a day at the beach or a trip to the local ski resort, set social media aside even for just a day to begin re-connecting with the people in your life.

Finally, What Do I Really Know About My Kids?

In the end, what do you really know about your kids except that they want the latest iPhone for their birthday and that they simply adore Snapchat. Billed as “The fastest way to share a moment,” are they really sharing anything other than a two-dimensional image of themselves? If you really want to know your kids, take the phones away for just a day. Sometimes a few hours are sufficient.

Talk to them. Ask them how they’re doing. You may get a bit of rebellion at first, but if you make it a fun experience, they’ll soon learn to appreciate your time spent together. Use those ideas you got off Fun-Attic to keep the experience light and friendly. Now you can actually have something to say if anyone should ask you what you really know about your kids.

Social media is a fun way to connect but it shouldn’t be the foundation of all our relationships. As the old classic goes, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better world if you can.” Remember, it all starts at home.

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