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Achieving a Better Work Life Balance When You Work From Home


Working from home has many advantages that can really bless your life and that of your family. But because you work from home, it can feel hard to switch off, as your home is your office, and your office is your home. In other careers where they work out of the home, people walk in the door and know that they’re home and their mind will switch off from work. But when you work from home you don’t get that same thing, as you could be tempted to just check your emails or log on your computer once the children are in bed.

With a family and working from home, it can be hard to get a good work and life balance. So here are some of the things that you could start to do, to make sure that you are able to achieve and switch off. When you’re able to do, you can really enjoy the time at home, and be more productive when you’re at work. Would you add anything else to the list?


Drop Habits That Drain Time

There can be so many things that can drain our time, both at home and at work. So it is a hard lesson, but learning to drop some of those habits or things that waste our time on can really make a difference in our work and life balance. Things like scrolling on Facebook or TV shows that we just watch for the sake of it, are all things that could be ditched so that we are able to use our time more wisely.

Improve Productivity

One of the best ways to improve your work and life balance is to do more when you are in work mode. When you can be more productive, you get a lot more done. And when you get more done, it means that you can switch off more easily, as there isn’t a constant nagging that you should be doing more. You could look for something like a virtual assistant, or perhaps something more specific to what you are working as such as better ecommerce solutions for your website. Planning out your time can help you to be more productive too, as you know what you have to get done and when.


Communicate Well

Whether you are self-employed or have a manager to report to, you need to keep communication open, with them and your family. Talk about and communicate to them what your needs are and what they can be doing to help you. If people don’t know what to help with, then the chances are that they won’t. If they know you need to start a little later on a certain day or have help with the chores when at home, then it will get done. Keep things to yourself and it can stress you out an overwhelm you, leading to unhappiness and potential burnout.


All of this can take time and getting used to. But when you do reach a better balance, it is going to help you to feel much better when you’re at work and at home.

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