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Being Open to Change


Being Open to Change by Rachel WilliamsonBalancing the need to persevere and stick to it vs. being open to change.

How do you judge when to make a change? Is there a correct time to abandon a project?

Let’s look at the motivation behind the decision. Are you sticking because of stubbornness; someone told you that you had to do it; perhaps someone told you that you couldn’t do it. Or maybe doing what you are doing has become so comfortable that changing now would be painful.

I’m going to use myself as an example here. Some months ago I began a very ambitious project to publish a training course consisting of dozens of video lessons on building your own WordPress site. I shared some of the videos with clients and they all agreed that they were great. But no one said, “Let me buy it now.” I realized that while the idea sounded good and people seemed to like the product, what they were willing to pay me for was one on one coaching or done for you services.

There are two possibilities here. Either I’ve got the wrong product for my target market, or I’ve got the wrong target market for my product. Which do you think is easier to correct? Who are the people interested in building WordPress sites? Probably already self-identified as geeks? They are likely learning on their own, maybe from They are mostly 20 and 30 year old guys, not the group most likely to be attracted to me.

So who are my clients who seemingly are not interested in the video lessons about WordPress? They are middle-aged, business people with their own product who are interested in promoting it online. They just want a working site…they don’t want to build it themselves. Because I am a middle-aged person who happens to have a technical background, I am able to work with them to build their site to suit their target market and for a reasonable cost.

Back to the beginning of this post….how do you handle change? I am as stubborn and persistent as anyone, but I must acknowledge that my marketplace has come to me….and they don’t need my course….they need my coaching and technical skills.

How are you handling change? Are you hiding from it? Ignoring it? Or accepting it and figuring out the best way to redirect your talents?

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