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Constantly Late For Work? Here’s How To Break The Cycle


Tardiness is not something that any employer anywhere tolerates for very long. When you grow up and get into the real world of work, you have certain expectations put upon you to work harder, work better and be on time for it when it does start. College and high school are stressful but almost everything that you do prepares you for getting up on time and getting to work without being late. It’s one of the worst habits to have, because those who are on time believe that lateness is a sign or laziness and a sign of ignorance. Being late shows a person that your time is far more important than theirs, and this is just not the message that you want to send out to an employer.

The thing is, lateness is a very difficult habit to break. It’s not just a case of being told to get up on time; a habit is not easy to get over. Most people who are habitually late actually don’t enjoy being late to things. It gives them the label of being unreliable and difficult to manage, when it’s really not the case. Transforming yourself into a person who is punctual sounds like a great idea on paper, but it’s not always an easy thing to do. You have to get to the root of why you are always late and fix that if you could ever hope to get out of the tardy habit that you’re in. So, what could you do to stop being late for work every day?

  • Start writing down your morning routine. Write down what you do, and how long each task takes you to finish. Physically time yourself if you have to; it makes it so much easier to set an alarm.
  • Make sure that you have done your research with and ensure that the place that you’re sleeping is comfortable enough for a restful sleep. Not sleeping well is a very big reason that some people can’t wake up – they’re not rested enough.
  • Practice your work morning routine on the weekend so that you can be ready for Monday. This way, you can hone the routine to the minute – yes, you give up the lay in, but you need to retrain your body and muscle memory is important!
  • Invest in a lamp that can wake you in the morning when it ‘rises’ like the sun. These lamps can wake up your body clock and make it much easier to focus on getting up.
  • Change the clocks in your home to show fifteen minutes later. This way, everything that you do will happen fifteen minutes earlier and you’ll always be on time for work or earlier.

Stop being known as the person who is always late and the person who can’t be trusted to manage their own time. It’s not going to help you to climb that career ladder and can really dent your self-esteem. Your time is your own, but you must manage it well to succeed as an adult!

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