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Easy Ways to Organize Your Small Home Office


Working at home isn’t just a convenience, it is also proven to make us more productive in the process. According to Flex Job’s Super Survey, 74 percent of respondents say they’re more productive at home due to fewer distractions, and 68 percent cite reduced stress from commuting as top reasons they’re more productive at home.

But working from home in a disorganized space that’s as chaotic as it is messy can defeat the purpose. Clutter has actually be known to cause stress, leave you feeling anxious and even interfere with your quality of sleep. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to organize a small home office with the right mindset and tools in place. Here’s how to get started.

Innovate your shelving

Adding built-ins to your office can be a huge mistake for a small home office that’s short on wall space and heavy on small children ready to start climbing. One option is to add shelving inside an empty closet where you can shut the doors and keep unsightly clutter and kids out of reach. Another option is arranging floating shelving to maximize the space in your office without bulky bookcases. Strategically arrange your shelves on the wall space around your desk and categorize by mail, work and personal effects.

Pitch the paper

Take a cue from the world’s biggest corporations and purge the paper. Moving your documents to the cloud can keep your sensitive information encrypted and secure while keeping it highly accessible.

Services like Mozy back everything up from your devices automatically for easy restoration if your systems go down. Or you can upload your bills, work and documents to Dropbox and invite team members in your business to collaborate in real-time. When one person makes a change, it syncs everything up so you can keep going without worrying about working with outdated files.

Get out the label maker

Label makers offer an attractive way to keep your storage looking festive and organized. And the good news is there’s no such thing as too much labeling. Start labeling your files, drawers, storage bins, floating shelves and anything else that needs a name. When everything is clearly marked and readily accessible, you spend less time running around looking for your client paperwork or office supplies and more time working in your business.

Add a curtain

Sometimes a small home office is simply a corner in a living room or bedroom without much space to organize. This is when a stylish curtain comes into play. Hang from a strong curtain rod if it will reach from wall to wall, or hang a bar from your ceiling. When the curtain is hung and ready to go, you can create a sense of privacy around your workspace. A curtain also works well to cover up cluttered shelving or boxes tucked away in a closet transformed into a workspace.

Put it on wheels

It can feel frustrating for your home office to have no real home to speak of, but that’s when wheels can take your work anywhere you need to go. Put your desk, chair and storage bins on wheels to push into a spare room. But when guests arrive to spend the night, you can push it back into your own bedroom or the corner of a living room to make space when you need it.

The best part about organizing your small home office is once you’re up and running, you’ll feel less stressed and more productive with everything you need within reach. Remember that your home office is your sacred space to work on your career or business that impacts your family’s finances for the better.

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