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Fight the Flu


Finding Simplicity as a SAHM by Adrina Palmerheart in snowWith the flu season in full gear, us stay-at-home mom’s have the convenience of making a wonderful pot of homemade soup to help our children (and husband and ourselves) get well faster. Not just the flu, but Strep, and bronchitis, and mono, and all the other illness that like to keep our kids home on school days coughing, feverish, and miserable. I will share with you my simple and tasty chicken soup recipe along with a few other tricks I use to combat the woes that come with winter. 

Chicken Soup

3 handfuls of angel hair pasta or egg noodles or potatoes (5 medium potatoes peeled and cut)

5 fresh garlic cloves chopped fine

1 medium white onion chopped fine

2 containers of chicken broth or stock 

1 can of cream of chicken soup (preferably the Aldi brand or one without creepy ingredients like MSG)

1 bag frozen mixed veggies 

4 cups of water

1 tablespoon ground flaxseed


To taste, sage, thyme, garlic salt, onion powder, bay leaves, salt, and pepper

Start by sautéing the chicken in olive or coconut oil then add in the fresh garlic and onion until everything is a golden brown. Pour in the chicken broth or stock and mix in cream of mushroom soup and water. Add in spices and bring to a boil. Next, put in pasta or potatoes and bring back to a boil until cooked through. Add in the flaxseed and allow to boil for another minute or two. Serve. 

Other tips I swear by (to compliment traditional medicine or by themselves):

Anointing oil – I pray over my babies when they are sick. God can surely handle a cold!

Essential oils in a diffuser – I love eucalyptus to help open the nose and germ fighter (also called four thieves) to kill germs in the air. Oils can also be mixed with a carrier oil and put on the body. I suggest lavender for almost everything.  

Wet sock treatment – This is a new one in my repertoire been using for a few months and found to be quite effective (please talk to your doctor if you have any concerns before trying). The purpose of this treatment is to force your (or your child’s) immune system into overdrive. 

Take one pair of white regular socks and place in a bowl to soak of ice and water. Soak your child feet in warm water in the tub or in a foot tub for ten minutes. After ten minutes, put the wet socks (wring them out first) on the child’s feet and then put dry thick wool socks (if you don’t own wool socks, use two pair of thick socks or fuzzy socks) put the child to bed and make sure they are covered up in a blanket and warm pajamas. This has brought fevers down every time and stopped others in the house from getting sick. 

Lots of sleep – sick children need to take naps. If they are home from school they can watch a little television or play on electronics but if they do not fall asleep naturally (as most sick children do) make sure they nap so their body has time to repair. 

Magnesium and Vitamin powder drinks – those powder drinks full of vitamins are amazing. As soon as your little one starts to feel off fill them with vitamins. Magnesium is helpful for sore muscles. Epsom salt baths are straight magnesium and can be soothing with a little lavender (remember do not give a bath to a child with a high fever. Only low grade fever can take a bath). Dead Sea salt is even better it warms you up! 

Tooth brushes and vinegar – Soak toothbrushes in vinegar to kick all the germs out, or buy new ones your choice. Either way make sure those little germ factories do not keep introducing germs back into your kids mouths. Also, use the vinegar to clean naturally. I would suggest washing bedding once your little one is feeling better. 

Popsicles and no dairy – Popsicles are amazing for sore throats (again I suggest the ones from Aldi because they use less creepy ingredients like food dye) and fevers, as a little bit of joy and cold. I do not allow my kids any dairy products when they are sick. No cheese, cream cheese, milk, ice cream, etc. (butter is usually acceptable on toast). Why? First, it can cause constipation. Second, it can increase phlegm if your child has a cough. Third, I have no proof to offer but a mothers intuition that dairy keeps a fever longer and causes upset stomach during a fever. This rule is a personal family rule but could not hurt for your family to see if it improves illness time. 

Self care – Make sure you get your coffee, vitamins, and rest too. If sick kids are coughing on you then chances are you a bit stronger you will get your kids cooties (they still exist). Take care of yourself or have your hubby care for you if he isn’t one of your patients! 

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