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Four Ways to Offer Personalization to Your Customer


Consumers like to feel special – like they’re being singled out as valued and interesting customers. This is unsurprising in a world in which, until the recent rise of targeted advertising, customers have been treated as if they’re one whole mass with the same tastes and the same personalities. If personalization is something you feel would benefit your customers, perhaps inspiring them to return to do business with you or enhancing your reputation through feedbacks or reviews, then take a look at the following four tips which point towards enhanced customer personalization.


Account Management

Each customer that comes to your business has their own concerns, their own priorities, and their own way in which they would prefer to interact with a business. By managing to tailor your communications with each and every customer to their unique style of interaction and expectations of business, youll be personalizing their experience with your company. The best way to do this is through account management, with each customer or client assigned to a manager who deals with all the interaction from that particular person, which sets up a personalized relationship that can grow organically instead of one bounced between call center staff.



As mentioned above, targeted marketing is a new and innovative way of personalizing the content that you share with potential and existing customers in order to show them the products and services that best apply to them, in a style and form of advertisement that, again, is most applicable to the individual in question. By using digital marketing strategies such as this, youll help to offer a degree of personalization to your customers thatll lead to enhanced business opportunities for both yourself and your customers.

Web-Based Solutions

Through the integration of an Omnia SAP Support Portal system, such as those provided by Weaveability, customers can experience a level of customization many businesses still lack. Through an SAP Customer Portal, customers can experience catalogs that are personalized with their preferences, create product lists and enjoy personalized promotions. They can also manage their orders more easily. This level of customization is ideal for customers nowadays, who do not want to feel like one of many but, instead, one in a million.


Social Media

The final tip in this series is to harness the power of social media which is, by its very nature, a way of interacting with customers in a uniquely social space. Here, youll be able to like or follow their posts, and tag them in posts or articles. Youll be able to set up a chat system to help each and every customer with their personal issues, and a feedback mechanism by which you deal with each customer profile on an individual basis in order to help them feel that theyre valued. The knowledge that theres a human behind the keys brings that additional value to social media interactions.

Increase the personalization you offer to customs with the four tips outlined above. In this day and age, customers expect to be treated as if they are the only ones you’re doing business with, and so if you wish to keep them happy, you need to offer an experience that is completely catered to them.

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