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How to Build Your Direct Sales Business When Your Area is Saturated


Ivette Muller - Direct Sales SuccessOne of the “complaints” I hear very often is that someone’s market is saturated.  They say there are too many consultants trying to get business from the same group of customers.

I believe this is a misconception.

At any given time, there are only 20% of consultants in any business that are really working their business.  Even though you may know a lot of consultants, are they really active?  Are they holding parties every week?  Are they staying in contact with their customers? Are they sponsoring new people into the business?  Are they getting out to meet people every week?

If you really stop to think about it, out of all the consultants you know, who is really working their business consistently?

I bet you can only name a handful.

That’s the nature of the business.  There is always a flow of consultants just starting their business, leaving their business or taking a break and only a small percentage of consultants who are actively working their business. This is why truly successful direct sales consultants never stop doing  home parties or demonstrations, they never stop sponsoring new people into the business and they never stop networking.

If you are concerned that there isn’t enough people in your area to build your business, don’t give up!  There’s a simple solution for this – get out there and meet more people.  The more new people you meet and talk to about your business, the more business you will have.  When  you expand your circle, you expand your income potential.

I don’t know who said this, but it is very fitting for our business, “The size of your network determines your net worth.”  The larger the pool of people that know you and your business, the more business you will have. This is because people who know, like and trust you will do business with you (if they can), but they will also give out your name to people who need your goods and services and refer you to people they know.

As a small example of this, I want to share a personal story.  When I first got married in 1996, I was obsessed with my kitchen.  I wanted all the latest gadgets and accessories.   (I don’t know why because I’m afraid to cook, but that’s another story.)

In 1997 I had my first Pampered Chef party and I was in LOVE with all the products.  My wishlist was a mile long and I had a budget so I could only purchase “so much” with my first show.  I was eager to buy new products, told my consultant to keep me posted with the monthly specials and I would always purchase a Season’s Best cookbook as long as they were available.

Guess how many additional purchases I made with that consultant?


Why?  She NEVER called me back.  She never emailed, dropped off a new catalog…nothing!  Over the years, I had met a few other Pampered Chef consultants and I would give them my contact information but none would call me back.

Just last year, 14 years later, I had another show.

So this story illustrates that there is room in the industry for excellent customer service, the importance of building relationships and that no market is truly saturated.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Ivette Muller and her husband of 15 years have two beautiful toddler girls. She has been in the direct sales industry for 15 years with various companies and enjoys helping other moms succeed with their direct sales business. You can learn more about different opportunities to work from home on her blog, Work At Home Mom, Busy and Happy Mom.   

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