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Is ‘Tooting Our Own Horn’ in Our Direct Sales Business … Christian?


hornWe know that in our direct sales businesses continuous networking is vital. Our reach needs to be far beyond the people we already know or the client base we have already built. Growing our client base may seem like a daunting task, and as Christians we may struggle with the concept that “tooting our own horn” is very UN-Christian. Can we righteously market ourselves or our businesses?

In our culture, marketing our businesses and self-glorification can easily run together, but they need not be the same. Proverbs does not discourage praise, only self praise (Proverbs 27:21). It is more fitting for someone else to place the crown on the ruler’s head. Besides, if you are good, there is no need to tell people. They will know it. And if you need to tell someone you are good, how good could you be?

This is a key reason why we must always conduct our businesses ethically; with honesty and integrity being at forefront in our mission statement. Those with whom we do business are our greatest resources for continued growth. Positive client feedback, and word of mouth referrals are the backbone of our continued growth.

When it comes to promoting our businesses, how do we get our names and our products in front of new people, on a daily basis? More importantly, can we do this without sounding prideful and self-serving?

I believe the answer is a resounding, YES.

As an independent sales rep, don’t fear the word “promoting”. It’s OK to be proud of the products or services we represent. It’s necessary to get our names out there and take advantage of the different public platforms we can utilize that will help us market ourselves. Here are some suggestions that have worked for me .

Email Signature: Think about how many emails you send out on a daily basis. This is a great tool to introduce what you with whomever you communicate! Do all the moms at school or the ladies at church know that you’re in business for yourself? Many direct sales companies have a signature template. A lot of us probably have a “business only” email with our signature on it. But perhaps adding a simple signature to our everyday account might generate some FREE publicity. Remember to UPDATE your signature if there are any changes in your title or contact information. Tie all signatures into your other social media accounts as well.

Facebook: Have you set up a Facebook business fan page, yet? My fan page gives me the opportunity to promote my business to a group of people who are my specific target market. Many of them are already FB friends on my personal page as well. But unlike my personal page, I can post about sales, incentives, and even promote at home parties or events I’m doing. I have tried cross posting what’s on my business page to my personal page, and the response was a big fat ZERO likes. For me, it’s nice to keep my personal page light and …well, personal.I write about my kids, my adventures in mommyhood, or what I’m making for dinner. Keep the business separate, and focus on posting something at least once a day to your business fan page!

Make Pinterest your best buddy for FB posts! I love the stuff I find on Pinterest! So clever and such great marketing tools right at our fingertips!!

Twitter: This is such an easy way to get your name and business out in front of multitudes! Again, separate your personal tweets from your business tweets. Do hashtags that will encourage people to repost to their own Twitter accounts! Remember, keep those hashtags specific. Post many times per day, and include pictures from Instagram or Pinterest. The people who follow you will eat it up, and it’s a great way to generate revenue! Have fun with this platform! Always, always, always link your website to whatever you post!

Linked In: When I first started my work-from-home, direct sales business, I was hesitant to list it on Linked In. For me, representing a boutique brand of jewelry and accessories just didn’t go with my past career choices. I wasn’t sure if it “counted” as a real career! Well, I’m here to tell you, what you’re doing now in your direct sales business not only COUNTS, it is a REAL BUSINESS.

Linked In is truly a wonderful platform to market your business to other professionals, who are in a variety of different professions. You will be amazed at the potential a site like Linked In offers. Whether it is a source of revenue from business contacts, to other working people who might want information about how one can make money and work from home, like you! … and that’s the name of the game in this business; growing our personal teams, and enlarging  our networks!

YOU ARE YOUR BEST AD: I wear my sample jewelry and use my sample handbags whenever I leave the house. I am a walking, talking advertisement! I could be standing in line at Starbucks and someone will compliment me on my necklace. I can use that one conversation to briefly describe my line, how much I love what I do, and…”oh by the way, here’s a brochure in case you’d like to see more.”

Of course it depends on what products and services you represent, as to how you can be your own walking-talking billboard, but think of ways that you can promote your business in everyday life.

Have fun, be creative, be loud and proud…and toot that horn!


About the Author: Lisa Strnad is an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot, currently working on growing her team of fashion stylists, while coaching them how to become successful in their own direct sales businesses. She has spent many years working in Christian media, specializing in the areas of creative writing and marketing. Lisa lives in Nashville with her husband, two sons, mother, and golden doodle, Roxy. Her business website is

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