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Mompreneurs: Grow Your Business With These Smart Tips


Are you a mompreneur that wants your business to expand and be as successful as possible but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry you are not alone. Luckily,  you can get a rundown on the five most effective actions to take when you want your business to get bigger and better. Read on to find out more.


Expand into different markets

One way that mompreneurs can grow their business is to expand into markets that are different from the current demographic that they are pursuing. What this means is that through market research you identify another group of people that would find the product that you are offering useful or valuable and then directly market it to them. Something that means you grow the number of potential customers you will have to convert.

There are two main ways of expanding to consider as well. One is by expanding geographically which means that you look for a similar demographic to the one you already market to but in another country.

The other is by tweaking your product, so it appeals to a different domestic market. This may include replacing it, so it attracts men as well as women, to a different age range, or even marketing your product for an additional purpose to the one you initially set out for it.


Develop a new product

Next, if you are looking for a way to expand and grow your business why not consider developing a new product? After all, sometimes your fortune doesn’t lie within the first item that you come up with, especially in today’s volatile market that is often defined by fast-moving trends.

Of course, product development isn’t often a cheap activity to pursue, and unless you are willing to accept the speculate to accumulate mentality, it can seem daunting. In fact, sometimes business or individual with poor credit can have problems sourcing the finance they need to get a new product idea past the concept stage.

Luckily, it is still possible to get a short term loan with bad credit from some providers. A solution that can help you get your new idea up and running and that may lead to a profitable expansion of your business.


Improve your online presence

Also, don’t forget that power of the world wide web when it comes to growing your business. In fact, by increasing your online presence, you can build your brand, trust, engagement, and interaction with your customers. All things which can have a positive knock-on effect on your sales.

To do this, there are all sorts of tactics you can use, the first being to run a blog from your business website. In fact, having a well written and interesting blog can help your business grow for many reasons.

The first is SEO because having a blog provides you with the perfect opportunity to create backlinks to other pages on your site. Something that can help direct potential customers straight to offers, and ways of purchasing, as well as boost your visibility in the search engine results.

Also by including a well-written blog, you increase the chance that other blog will link to you via external backlinks, something that is known as offsite SEO. This once again boosts your SEO and provides an opportunity for interested parties to be taken directly to a landing page on your site.

Apart from blogs, upping your presence on social media, especially the platform that most directly appeals to your demographic can help your business grow.

In particular, the strength of social media is the opportunity for interaction between potential or current customer and your business. What this does it humanise your brand, and allows customers to see that you aren’t just another faceless corporation trying to separate them from their money.

It also provides a chance for them to get involved and feel a sense of community with others. All under the banner of your brand and product, something that can be hugely valve for growing your business.

Lastly, there’s value in the potential for customer interaction on social media whether before, or after purchase, because this can help reassure those that are on the fence about buying. Also, it can help to nip any potentially dangerous problems and disgruntled and problematic customers in the bud. While also showing other customers that you care about each individual and will do your best to resolve any grievances promptly and professionally.


Reward customer loyalty

Loyalty is a big thing in today’s commercial market, and it’s definitely something that you can harness to help grow your business.

You may wish to take a leaf out of many of the large supermarket chains books and offer a loyalty card system. On an essential level, purchases are rewarded with points which can then be exchanged for money off future purchases or specific reward items.

Although, it’s always worth considering offering extra benefits with such a card to ensure even more customer loyalty. These may include things such as a percentage discounts several times a year, and even collaborations with other brands that allow points to be used there.

Oh, and if you are wondering just how loyalty can help you grow your business, remember if that it will ensure that customers regularly return to shop with you, something that can increase your revenue stream. It will also mean that they will talk about their positive experience with your brand, something that is hugely valuable as this can lead to word of mouth refers to family and friends!



Apart from a loyalty card or reward scheme, it can also be beneficial in growing your business to develop a super fan following. A superfan is not just someone that likes or buys your products but is a person that essentially obsessed with them.

Superfans are highly useful because not only can they make up a large part of your regular customer base, but also act as excellent ambassadors for your brand. Introducing it to people that were previously unaware, and also demonstrating more credibility that someone that is working directly from your company.

Of course, to develop a superfan following can be quite tough, but you can start small with a VIP email list and a private Facebook group. Then start to introduce meetups, special offers, and even workshops and webinars to grow the group further.


Build an email list

Lastly, if you want to expand your business as a mompreneur, do not forget the value of building an active email list for marketing. To collect such a list you can use things like cookies on your website, as well as asking customers to sign up for particular special offers, benefits, and newsletters.

You may even ask them to exchange their email address for free content that has value in terms of information or entertainment, and your previous customers’ emails should also be added to list this as they are proven to warm leads.

Of course, such a list won’t help you grow your business unless you do the right things with it. This is why getting a handle on effective email marketing is so crucial if you genuinely want your company to expand.

Luckily, there is a lot of help with this online that you can research. Although a good place to start is focusing on the basics such as creating subject lines that hook customers in and get them to open the mail. You can also try highlighting the benefits of your product clearly, and making sure that there are plenty of links to the landing page that you want them to reach; embedded within the mail, you send. All thing that can help you make the best use of your email list, and in turn should help any mompreneurs grow their business successfully.

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