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Moses and Jethro—A Lesson in Branding


Moses. A busy general of a brand-new nation numbering a million people. You think he was slightly busy? Oh yeah! He was the one man at that time that had a face-to-face relationship with God. Important, definitely.

But in Exodus 18, we learn some key lessons that I believe can be applied to our businesses and branding.

Here’s the background. Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, comes to visit from Midian. Jethro observes Moses engaged in judging disputes all day long and realizes that what Moses was doing was not wise. Jethro suggests another way, Moses listens, and the advice is effective. Jethro goes back to Midian.

Here are the various lessons learned from this passage:

1) Be humble enough to listen to advice from an unlikely or unexpected source. Do you have the humility to realize you need help and counsel or do you think you can “go it on your own?” Moses respected his father-in-law and immediately saw the wisdom that was presented to him.

Remember that “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” We always have something to learn, whether we are 15 or 85! Learning is a lifelong process and never ends! And there is wisdom and safety in many counselors.

2) Doing things all on your own is going to cause burnout. This is what was happening to Moses. Jethro anticipated what was going to happen if Moses didn’t change his approach.

I was caught up in this myself for years. I thought that I could do everything. We stay at home moms seem especially prone to this. We think we have to do and be it all. I’m telling you, it is not possible! We are not islands unto ourselves! God created us for relationship and we need each other!

3) Delegate! Moses had to let go of some of his work and authorize others to do what was simple.

What could you hire out? Start with those simple tasks you hate. Bookkeeping? Administration? Design? Hire a bookkeeper, hire a personal or virtual assistant. Hire a graphic designer.

Can’t afford one? Find an apprentice! That’s what I did and now I have someone working on my Website design. Because truth be told I don’t like it and she knows more about coding than I’ll ever know.

4) Hire worthy people who are capable, fear God, and are not looking for dishonest gain.

Character is key and it matters. At the end of the day, you want a team you enjoy working with. That’s the end game here: to build a community around your company brand. It is imminently more satisfying to accomplish a goal in a group setting than by yourself. My team has thought of ideas and projects I never would have dreamed of doing!

And they keep me going when I would have otherwise quit.

5) Invite God into your business and worship Him.

Worship is not just something that happens on Sunday morning. Everything we do is worship, including our work. Ask God into that. After all, He’s a pretty amazing businessman! His presence is the number one factor that could make a difference in your life and business.

6) You are to represent your brand before God. Represent your customers before God. Why not pray for them? Your job is also to educate your customers.

More than anything, your customers need more of Jesus Christ. We all do. Actively pray for them. Be of service to them. Be a shining city on a hill. Live out the gospel. That may or may not involve using words.

And as a business owner, your clients need education about your products and services. I’ve found this to be true as a graphic designer. My husband, who is an architect, has also had to do a great deal of education for his clients. It’s part of doing business.

At the end of the day, Jethro’s advice worked. The people went home satisfied and Moses avoided burnout.

Follow these recommendations and your burden will be lifted. You will be able to bear up under the strain and you will have branding success!

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