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Mutiny In The Ranks: Avoiding Morale-Based Challenges In Business


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Being an employer is an incredibly heavy responsibility. In this position, you will not only be in charge of the company you’re running, but will also have to work hard to keep those working for you happy. A lot of employers struggle with this sort of issue, and it can cause huge issues when your team decides they’d rather be doing something else. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the easiest ways to keep the people in your business satisfied with their work. First, though, it will be a good idea to consider what would happen if you ignore this part of your company.


In most cases, people will choose their job based not only on what they will be doing, but also what they will make from it, but this doesn’t last for too long. After they have been working for you for some time, their focus will change, and it will become more important than their job makes them happy. People can’t work for years doing something they don’t like without feeling bad about it. If people are experiencing this sort of emotion, they won’t work anywhere near as hard for you, and may even change their job for something better. In extreme cases, this can cause bigger problems which will hurt your business going into the future.


Of course, it’s never good to think too much about the bad side of a problem like this, though, and you should spend some time working on action to make it better. The first part of this is going to involve some simple observation. It should be easy to tell what is going wrong in your business when you watch your employees, with issues being commonly discussed, and the side-effects of strains being easy to spot. For example, people will get stressed if they don’t have enough breaks, and this can be characterised by those fidgeting and finding it hard to focus.


Along with watching the people working for you, a little bit of honesty can go a long way, and talking to your employees can be an excellent idea. For the best results, it could be worth taking a double-pronged approach. On one side, you should invite people to come and discuss their concerns with you, making it known what they dislike. On the other, they should also have the chance to submit their ideas anonymously. This will give both those confident enough to offer direct feedback and those a little shier to have their voices heard. Even before you start working to iron out their suggestions, you will make everyone happier by being available like this.


Once you have an idea of the issues being suffered by your employees, it will be time to start taking some action to solve it. Online MBA HR programs can be invaluable when you’re holding this sort of work. Not only will they teach you the skills to keep people happy, but they will also give you the chance to learn how to spot when people are feeling bad. Below, you can find some examples of the common issues faced by people at work, along with the additional tools you have to help you out.



  • Breaks: As mentioned earlier in this post, breaks are very important to the people working for you. Without enough time to relax, it will be hard for people to handle their work in an adequate fashion, potentially losing the company a fortune. To solve this issue, you should always be looking for the latest research to give you an idea of how many breaks people should be having at work.




  • Hostile Environments: Being surrounded by arguments, foul language, and other hostile elements will make work very unpleasant for a lot of people. For some, banter and laddish behaviour is very fun. Unfortunately, though, for those on the outside of it, it can be very hard to live with. This is very important in the field of employee rights, and most companies will be will to work hard on it as a result.




  • General Morale: Not being paid on time, being patronised, and all sorts of other general morale problems can be caused when you aren’t being careful. This will be harder to solve than the other areas in this post. With the right time and effort, though, you should be able to start making a difference. To help you out with this, it could be worth getting some morale coaching from another professional.



Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the way your employees feel. It can be hard to make progress in this area, especially when you’re not aware of how your employees feel. This is something every company should be working on.

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