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Navigating Modern Waters With A Christian Heart


The teachings of God urge us always to think the best of others. It is not, after all, our place to judge. That is the job of the lord. All we can do is live our best lives, and try to spread the love.

But, if you’ve been living this way for a while, people throw the label of ‘naive’ at you. That in itself is a skeptical and hate-filled word. For the most part, you should treat every person you meet with an open and welcoming heart. If they take advantage, you can still rest easy you approached the situation in the way God intended.

The only trouble is, placing this open and trusting attitude in every aspect of your life can lead to problems. There are now many people and companies out there looking to take advantage. While this shouldn’t mean you close your heart to strangers, it may be worth approaching companies with care. For proof, consider the following three places where an open heart could see you stung.

Insurance policies

When we sign up for an insurance policy, we do so in the hope that the company will help us through hard times. After all, you’ve put enough money towards the cause. In reality, though, many insurance companies wiggle out of payments. After all, their main focus is making money, not handing it out. As such, it would be a mistake just to put in a claim and hope for the best. Instead, accept that these companies aren’t there to help you. If you need to claim on home insurance, then, contact a litigation company for protection. If you need help after a car accident, contact someone like a Dolman Law Group – car accident lawyer who can fight for what you’re owed. Either way, approach with care or this snake will strike and leave you without.

Big companies

It would also be a mistake to think big companies have your needs in mind. In reality, everything from the gradient of light to the shelving works to deceive you. Superstores, for instance, are carefully designed to make you spend more. Instead of assuming a store layout is there to help you, then, question things at every turn. Look at the bottom shelf instead of taking from the one in front of you. Resist picking up those impulse buys at the till. Remind yourself, instead, that you’re above that type of gluttony.


It’s also crucial to mention fraudsters here, especially those who land in your email account. Sadly, such individuals play to your Christian nature with horror stories and pleas for money. The trouble is, these people are rarely who they seem. Instead, they are often organized criminals looking to drain your savings the moment they can. While it can be difficult to turn away, don’t even give in to the temptation to reply to or open these messages. Instead, turn to charities you know you can trust and put your money in the best places.

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