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Practical Ways To Save Money This Year


As an adult emerging into this world it can be incredibly difficult to earn the money you need to be able to enjoy life the way you want. Everything costs a huge sum of money these days, and although wages do increase over time they don’t cover the changes in cost. If you want to live a luxury and happy lifestyle, you will have to learn soon how to manage your money and save it up. Here are some top tips for saving money this year for a better lifestyle.


Use a saving jar

The first thing you can do which will be a fun way to earn money and also an effective one is to place a saving jar in your house. Put any change left.over in your pockets into the jar – or even bills. If you don’t swear you can also use other money jar ideas such as these  to save money.


Have a goal

When it comes to making money and saving it for your life, you might struggle with the motivation to do it if you don’t have a clear goal to aim for. For example you might want to think about setting yourself a goal such as saving up $1000 for a holiday or a deposit for a home; and this will give you the motivation to save more than you ever did before. When we are looking forward to things in life we want to save up, so make sure you always have a reason to save.


Create a direct debit

If you are always forgetting to transfer money into your savings account from your regular one, you might need a little extra push to make sure your money makes it into your savings each month. The easiest way you can do this is to set up a standing order every time you get paid so that you send over a certain amount to your savings each month before you see it in your current account. This guarantees that you always have enough money in your savings.


Pay off debts

When it comes to the start of adulthood, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking you need to take out a credit card or a loan to afford things you like. The issue with this comes when you end up in debt. If you ever want to save money, you need to pay off debts and use a credit company like to help repair your credit score for the future. Being debt free will allow you to start saving much quicker and saving a lot more.


Cheap entertainment

When you want to save up for your life it can be incredibly boring to think of staying in at home every weekend instead of going out with friends. However, you don’t need to forego your social life to be able to save, you simply need to change the conditions and activities you do. Rather than a night out on the town, why not go for a summer picnic in the countryside? Find activities which are cheaper and you might even have more fun.

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