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Relaxing Hobbies From Home- For WAHMs


As a work at home mom, you’re busy pretty much all of the time. As well as looking after your children and doing regular mom stuff, you’re also running your own business or working from your desk around all of this. This doesn’t leave much of an opportunity to do much else- however it’s important that when you do get the opportunity to relax, that you do so. A fun, relaxing hobby can break the work/ eat/ sleep/ repeat cycle. It can help you to build up your skills, and can also help you to maintain a bit of ‘you’- an identity that’s often lost when you become a parent. Ideally you need something that’s inexpensive since as parents we’re often on a budget. You need something accessible, and from home as that way you can easily fit it in around your daily tasks without extra planning and preparation. But what kinds of hobbies fit the bill? Here are some ideas.


Try a new craft

Sewing, knitting, baking, jewellery making, logo design and much more can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. You could order a starter bundle of any materials you need and have a go at creating new things. Again, this could go on to become a business or you could just do it for yourself. It’s a hobby you could enjoy alone or with your children.

Read and writing

Thanks to e-readers, smartphones and tablets, whenever you fancy reading a new book you don’t even need to go to the bookshop. You can search through thousands of titles on places like Amazon and download whatever you like right to your device. Reading is good for the soul, it keeps the mind sharp and can improve IQ as well as memory. If book charts aren’t really your thing, search for reading material that’s a little more interesting. How about tracing back old movies and games back to their forgotten novel roots- take Final Fantasy for example which was based on a graphic novel. This recent installment from the Final Fantasy series is now available to play on smartphones, for it to have had as much success as it has, consider how good the original idea must have been! You could revisit the classics, or if you’re learning another language how about trying to read some fiction in this. A great way to challenge yourself! Writing is another fantastic hobby that requires no special equipment. You could journal, start a blog, write poetry or short stories. It’s a wonderful creative outlet, and who knows what kinds of opportunities it could lead to. Lots of people now earn a full time living from their blogs for example.


Get into the garden

Gardening makes a great hobby. It keeps you fit, you can enjoy what you grow (whether it’s looking at pretty flowers or eating the produce you’ve grown) and it’s super accessible. You can get some fresh air and a bit of exercise in- digging, weeding, raking and mowing all use a surprising number of calories. During the winter months, you can still grow crops using a greenhouse.

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