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Simple Tactics to Boost Office Morale


If you are very much in tune with the way your workplace is running, you should be aware as to whether your employees are happy in their job role. In recent times, you may have noticed a lack of productivity, lower performance levels and fewer conversations between employees,  but why is that?

While low morale may be out of your control if they are struggling with issues in their personal lives, there are a number of tactics you can use to lift the positivity within your workplace.

Here are 4 ways you can boost office morale within your workplace:

1.  Recognize efforts

Often, employees can feel their hard work is going unnoticed, which means they don’t feel as though they should be going above and beyond to produce results. To show you are taking note of how their personal development, praise employees within meetings as and when necessary or you may even take the time to write a handwritten letter of thanks to leave on their desk. If you feel a certain employee has really produced outstanding results, you could even opt to give out bonuses.

2.  Keep the work environment fun

Although you are all essentially there to do a job, there is nothing wrong with allowing employees to let off a bit of steam on the odd occasion. You may set up a team-building day for new employees to get to know current employees in which they can bond over ice-breaking activities.

You may also decide to add more long-term entertainment to the office, such as adding a ping-pong table or video game machine to the break room. If you like the idea of your employees meeting up out of the office, you could, for example, offer to take them out once per month at a restaurant of their choice.

3. Give employees added benefits

No employee will feel productive if they feel they can’t make themselves at home to an extent. For example, employees with young children may be allowed to bring their little ones along during the summer holidays, so they don’t have to worry about arranging childcare. This idea also allows employees to get to know one another even more and shows you, as a business owner, care about each individual employee on a more personal level.

Purchasing a coffee machine for the workplace is also a great way of spirits in which employees can make a drink during their working hours, without having to wait until their break comes around. You may even arrange a couple of coffee breaks throughout the working day, so staff members have some time to catch up with one another. Add a state-of-the-art coffee machine to the office, so that your employees can enjoy free hot beverages. Companies such as Office Coffee offer simple-to-use coffee machines, which provides you with barista-like coffee.

4. Extra holiday time and paid birthdays

Employees will most likely work harder to achieve if they know they have longer breaks to look forward to. Therefore, it may be an idea to boost the amount of holiday they can take or allow employees to spend the day off work on their birthday.

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