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Work-at-home mom: take a deep breath and Do Life Different as you allow these devotions for work-at-home moms to fill the vacuum of your needy heart in the chaos of your busy world.
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Successfully Growing a Family and a Business Under One Roof


Identify the highest and best use of your time. If you’re in direct sales, the highest and best use of your time is probably when you are setting appointments or actually selling. If you’re a tutor, you make money tutoring. If you teach piano lessons, your teaching time is most profitable. Identifying the highest and best use of your time is essential so that you know which actions create income for you—and which actions don’t. This is essential for profiting from the next tip.

Hire help when possible. Early in my work-at-home career, I asked a successful Realtor® this question, “If you had one piece of advice to give someone who works for herself, what would it be? She was so certain of her answer she didn’t even pause to think. “Never do yourself what you can pay someone else to do,” she responded.

I asked her to explain. “I’m a Realtor®,” she said. “And the best use of my time is listing and selling houses. I hire someone to do everything else I need done.” A graphic designer creates all her mailings for her, and a mailing house applies the postage and sorts the brochures according to postal regulations. An assistant sets up showings and confirms appointments. She focuses on securing listings, working with buyers, and selling properties. And that’s how she has become successful.

As my business has grown, I’ve worked hard to identify what I can outsource—and that’s not easy for someone who has trouble delegating! Since focusing on this concept, I’ve added a freelance web designer, graphic designer, marketer, and virtual assistant to my team. Using their skills, talents and abilities, I’ve been able to meet my workload, expand my business and reduce my stress level. Yes, it costs. But I remember something my father taught me: It takes money to make money. I believe I’m more effective because I’ve added these professionals to my team. Though I couldn’t do it when I first started my business, it’s a tactic to keep in mind as you grow your business.

Enjoy the journey. It’s not easy to work from home. When I start to feel overwhelmed and stressed, I choose to focus my energy on the privilege it is to do work I love with the flexibility I have. This helps reground me. I also remind myself that life is too short to be miserable. I re-pledge to continue being both “mom” and “CEO” only for as long as I enjoy it. When the joy is gone, I know it will be time to do something else. Until then, I’m committed to learning new ways to successfully grow both a family and a business under one roof.

About the Author:
mary-byersMary Byers is a professional speaker and the author of Making Work at Home Work: Successfully Growing a Family and a Business Under One Roof. To learn more about starting or accelerating your own entrepreneurial journey, read Mary’s blog at

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