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Summer Tips for Mom Who Work From Home


Finding Simplicity as a SAHM by Adrina PalmerSummer is here. My three kids have been out of school for a full week and we are getting into a routine. I would love to sleep in now that I do not have to wake up and get the kids off to school but my cat is adamantly against me changing her eating schedule to an hour later. Is it legal or effective to duck tape a cats mouth shut? Sometimes she is lenient and lets me sleep until eight. Only if I am a good girl which apparently is not often. Moving on.

What I want to talk about is the sun. I do not let my kids outside (if I can help it) between the hours of noon and four pm for playing or recreation outside, including the pool. Reason number one: my daughter has freckles and red hair. She is more likely to burn… and fast! She also does not tan. Bri is like me. We are ghostly white or lobster red, with little in between. The other two midgets tan to a beautiful golden tan like their father and do not burn as easily. Freckle-Face does not want more freckles, so my hubby and I have put a few summer rules in place.

* No going outside, for more than a few minutes, between the hours of noon and four pm.
* If you are going outside, wear a hat.
* Sunblock is your smelly best friend.
* Pool time is before 10 am or after 4 pm because the sun loves the pool too.
* One hour in the pool and then some time in the shade.

With our summer rules, my children completely avoided sunburns last year. We also avoid places like amusement parks in the summer. They are much more tolerable and fun in the spring or the fall. Trying to explain to my kids they still need sunblock if it’s not summer is a yearly conversation if you are staying outside.

Noon to four pm is electronics time because I made outside off limits. If a friend wants them to go play than I do, of course, make exceptions but with lots of sunblock, hats and rash guards for the pool. But not often. The sun is vicious. If I set these rules now, my kids will grow up with sun safety as the norm. The other benefit is with that four-hour block of them enjoying screens or at a friends house or reading a book, I can write for a four hours a day in the summer. It’s awesome. Especially with lots of new writing opportunities arriving in my in-box daily.

I know my rules seem harsh for summer fun but with a few family members with skin cancer and my daughter having the ingredients, I’m not taking chances when they can have fun when the sun is not so high. My kids still do everything all the other kids get to do, just on a safer schedule. The local splash pad is amazing at seven pm, even better we bike there as a family as even the seven-year-old can handle biking one mile.

Waking up early allows us to swim in the morning. We avoid the high sun, are home in time for lunch, and a second or third cup of coffee, and enjoy being homebodies. Time for a little more fun outside before dinner, then back in to cook and back outside if we aren’t getting an epic Texas thunder and lightning storm. Enjoy the summer with your kiddos moms, but be safe.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Adrina Palmer is a stay-at-home-mom to three wonderful children and a wife to an amazing husband. She has a bachelors degree in Religion from Liberty University and is currently writing her first novel. Adrina is a Christian hoping to help other stay-at-home moms find the joy and simplicity as a mother and wife. In her free time she enjoys many crafts, writing, spending time with family, and reading. She would love to hear from you!

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