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Things You Will Never Regret in Life


Mother & Daughter Enjoying Time TogetherIt is very easy to get hung up on the one hurtful thing we said that one time. Or, perhaps the time that we snapped, even when it goes directly against our better nature. The moments we question everything. And, there are plenty of things in life that will catch us off-guard, and we will have to make peace with. So you should. You should make peace with everything that you can and ask for forgiveness for those you can’t make right. But, what next? Well, the time spent feeling guilty or having on to regrets are of course much better spend enjoying things – something we could all do more. For every moment we spend beating ourselves up or holding on to negative emotions and feelings, we could be spending those with love and positivity. No one is perfect by any means but, spreading some good moments and appreciating them more? We can all get on board with that.


Laughing. We will never regret enjoying a good belly laugh with our most loved family and friends. Sitting around, eating popcorn (salted or sweet? Maybe toffee!) watching a movie. Blankets on the couch, warm thick socks, comfortable pillows and the rest of the house silent. The joy in laughing with family and friends is second to none. Some of the best times that we recall when we were children involves moments just like this. So go ahead and book in movie night with the kids. You will never regret these moments.


Learning. We have been gifted with these beautiful learning abilities. You might already have a few qualifications and are looking to upgrade them a bit, it might be time for a change. You might be pushed for time, like so many people, trying to fit in life, a full-time job and maybe even freelance work too. Luckily many online portals can help you tackle that time issue. Everything from journalism to rn to bsn online programs are available, so nothing is holding you back. You will never regret learning more than you know now.


Cooking. Admittedly we can’t all be brilliant home cooks, some of us are likely getting by with simple meals, but you know what? Simple meals are something to be loved. Many a tale is told by children who enjoyed the simplest meals the most. If you think you could do with working on your recipe base a bit more, then hit the internet hard, create a Pinterest profile and get a board ready for all the fantastic things you’re going to cook for you and your family (or friends). Try and get a few ‘fancier’ meals in there too. Think about slow cooker roasts, curries and rice dishes. Warm and cooked with love. You’ll never regret watching someone enjoy something you’ve cooked for them.

Green therapy. It might sound a bit obvious but being outside. If you are able to talk long walks, with your family or if you have pets then you really should be. Being outside is great to lift your mood if you are feeling a bit low. It is the ideal antidote if you are feeling a bit ill, helps clear headaches and all that fresh air. Sometimes, that slow walk through the town we live in or walking in local parks can give us time to think about things, and of course, get in that all-important exercise.


Smiling. So simple, but so pleasant. When you are walking along, doing your groceries or running other essential errands and someone smiles, you tend to smile back. The act of smiling sets off a reaction. That small smile release all those feel-good hormones that kick off a little happiness party in your brain. This helps you to relax too because it lowers any stress or negative emotions in the body. Smiles, much like that walk in the country we mentioned above, is a natural mood lifter – so get a double whammy and go out AND smile at people.


Kindness. It is easy only to do things for the people we are closest too, and while you certainly should be, try and be kind to people outside of your usual circle. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen, or an animal shelter, you could put up a poster offering to run errands for people int he local area. Being kind has two meaningful outcomes, one – it makes you feel good, and two – people want to be kind back.

What do most of these things have in common? They are free (mostly) and make you feel good with the added bonus of making other people feel good too. Things we will never, ever regret.


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