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Three Unexpected Injuries in Business


When you work in a business environment, health and safety may not be a primary concern as you assume, like most people, that working in an office doesn’t really pose any major health and safety risks. However, while the risks are different from a more industrial, hands-on job, they are still very much there, and you need to be prepared to spot them and do something about these injuries quickly. Getting an injury can mean you need to take serious time off of work and this is the last thing you want to be doing when building up your career while running a business. In the handy guide, you will find out about three unexpected workplace injuries you need to look out for and what to do if you get one of these.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the big risks when working in a modern office environment is carpal tunnel syndrome. You may be wondering how your work can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and the answer lies in simply in the main tool you use for an office job: your computer. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive and continual movements that lead to nerves being trapped over the carpal bones in your wrist, leading to serious pain. If you work at a computer every day, this injury can be a really nasty one, so try and take little breaks from typing every ten or so minutes to gently loosen up your fingers and wrists to try and prevent this.

Back Problems

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to sit at your desk. Bad posture can cause serious aches and pains in your back and, if continually ignored, can even lead your back to have incredibly uncomfortable spasms. Make sure the chair you are using is giving you’re the right support, and you are always sitting up straight.

Computer Vision Syndrome

A final unexpected injury from work in a business environment is known as computer vision syndrome. The first thing you need to know when figuring out what computer vision syndrome is, is that it is not one condition but an umbrella term for many ailments. Focusing on a screen in your short distance vision day can actually cause the shape of your eye to change from an oval to a rugby ball shape which limits your long distance vision. While, if caught early, this can sometimes be corrected with glasses worn for a year or so, often people will rugby ball eye are left wearing glasses for their whole lives.

Getting justice

If you receive an injury at work that means you either need to take time off or have had your health affected in one of the above ways and it is stopping you from doing good work at your job, you will need to investigate injury claims. Visit as they can help you through the legal process of getting compensation for your workplace ailment and this financial aid can help you get your life back on track.

Now you know some of the unexpected injuries you can get at work, you will be able to spot them early and act quickly.

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