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Where Faith And Healing Can Take Your Career


No one knows what lurks behind every corner in our life. We don’t really dwell on it because we know deep down, the best you can do is prepare and wait. Hoping that nothing bad will befall you, it’s so incredibly easy to get trapped in a lull and take things for granted. Perhaps this is why we pray and put our faith in a spiritual being that we believe is looking out for us. Unfortunately, to that end, not everybody is dealt a good hand in life. Looking at pictures from around the world of an earthquake disaster and the countless victims, our thoughts and prayers go out to them. Equally horrific are the plagues of diseases that strike third-world nations as seen in the recent Ebola epidemic in Africa. Some people see these things happening and want to get involved at ground level. They also wish to bring their faith along with them as a torch to guide them through the rough and tumble of dealing with the suffering of humanity.


The saintly image

If we were to explore what drives such people to go and help others around the world, we will come across the saintly image of the Red Cross nurse. These women put themselves in harm’s way. There are stories of Christian nurses that voluntarily went to places that were consumed with war and barbaric acts. They were never afraid of rebels and militants; they stayed with the civilians while all other abandoned them. They were, of course, driven by their faith to endure and remain in service to other human beings.


How has it evolved

As we saw in the Ebola outbreak, the practices of healthcare are never watertight. Despite there being first-world doctors and nurses in the affected areas, political will and understanding were lackluster, to say the least. The world didn’t really understand what was going on and to what extent local communities had been affected. Nursing has evolved from the general care practices to the now complex contribution to healthcare policy. An RN to BSN course that can now be done entirely online goes through a module that focuses on the impact of healthcare policies and laws, financing and reimbursement, regulatory guidelines, and globalization of healthcare on nursing practice and quality health outcomes. Students will explore the political, socioeconomic, and population factors that influence policy and practice.


International aid teams

Governments of developed nations have departments that implement the policies of the elected party that will go to help poorer nations. International development and aid departments work with companies such as the Red Cross to fly nurses all around the world where the aid is being given. On average a registered nurse with a BSN qualification will earn a salary of around $75,000. You can apply for such a job with a government-sponsored organization to get you closer to the frontline of healthcare in locations all over the world. Equally satisfying and worthy, you can always volunteer with the Red Cross via their website.

There’s no telling where your faith can take you. Healing others who need help can also bring you new hope in humanity and strengthen your faith in your beliefs.


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