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Work vs. Relationship – Which Matters More?


Hard work, however noble, without a relationship with the Father proves empty, meaningless and despairing.” – Tom Nelsonfather and son

In his book, Work Matters, Nelson talks about the prodigal son. Now, I know this is a story that many of us have heard over and over throughout the years, but I caught something different when Nelson wrote about the story through the lens of work.

Nelson talks about the elder son in the story – the one who stayed home and continued to work diligently; the one who is angered when his father rejoicing over the returning of the “bad son,” the good for nothing son.

He points out that while the oldest son had worked hard, “his work was not connected to a loving relationship with his father.”

Stop and read that again. Let’s ponder that.

Let’s look to our own hearts.

Is our work connected to a loving relationship with God?

Or are we working our way through life trying to earn His love? Trying to garner His favor by doing good things, the “right” things.

I see myself in that oldest son. I see myself trying to work hard and wanting God to notice me – to notice all the things I’m doing.

But that isn’t what matters to God.

Our RELATIONSHIP with Him is what matters.

And the thing that scares me most is that the oldest son REFUSES to go in to the feast. He turns down the opportunity to celebrate with his father, the opportunity to build relationship.

And it makes me wonder … am I so focused on what I’m doing that I’m turning down the opportunity to hang out with God? To build a true relationship with Him?

I’ll be pondering this for a while, I think, trying to sort out the parts of my work that are God-honoring and the parts that may be distracting me from relationship with Him.

I hope you’ll do the same.

Next week we’ll talk about how we can live out our faith through our work … I hope you’ll join us!


Is your work honoring God or keeping you distracted from what matters – building a loving relationship with your Heavenly Father?

Post your thoughts and comments below!


* Concept adapted from WorkMatters by Tom Nelson.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jill Hart is the founder of CWAHM (Christian Work at Home Ministries). She is the author of Do Life Different and co-author of So You Want To Be a Work-at-Home Mom and speaks to audiences about faith, business and leadership topics.

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