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Reasons to Invest in Team Building for Business Success


3 business womenMany companies know the importance of a collaborative environment, but some still do not actively encourage it due to factors such as cost and access to suitable training. Keeping a healthy balance for employees and working relationships is key to driving business success and reducing negative effects on a working environment. Team-building or bonding sessions have traditionally been focused corporate events with a sense of forced fun and uncomfortable activities. This type of session does not have the necessary benefits for any business and can make employees feel uncomfortable in group situations. Team building should be an informative yet fun experience, which brings people together in different ways. It doesn’t have to focus on business goals or how it will directly affect the workplace as soon as your return to work but should highlight everyone’s skills and strengths when working together on tasks. Team building should look beyond what the company can get out of it, and value sessions as an opportunity to build relationships with co-workers and give everyone the chance to relax.

Efficient team building can have a host of benefits for companies and provides a great way to bring a team together in a variety of ways. Take a look at some of the reasons why team bonding should be a significant investment for business success.


Promoting positive relationships

For many people, co-workers are just the people that you know because of work, and the fact that you all possess skills necessary for the job. On a basic level this is correct, but looking further into this, when people are hired, they are often tested on their personality, and how well they can fit into a team. This important factor is determined by a brief interview and meeting process and is sometimes flawed, but in general, businesses want to work with people that will gel with other members of the team. After this process, the individual takes over and although you may not get along with everyone you work with, the majority of people you will enjoy to be around on a daily basis.

Team building is known to help strengthen a working relationship. When employees see past the fact that they merely work together, this gives everyone an opportunity to open up and communicate better. Encouraging conversation and co-working spaces so employees can bounce ideas off each other ensures people start to interact on a deeper level. This promoting of positive working environments and better relationships also helps everyone to relax, and not feel embarrassed or scared to have an opinion or thoughts about specific projects.


Improves communication

Sometimes teams can become fragmented due to project pressures and departmental segmentation. This type of working environment is not healthy and ultimately results in the different teams working toward different goals. Promoting communication in these instances has benefits, not only team relationships but also productivity. Team building can help push people together in a natural way and get sections of people working together that may not have regularly communicated in a work environment. When all teams know what the end goal is, and stop thinking about just doing their job, this, in turn, can have enormous benefits for companies and the efficiency of projects. Team building can also encourage co-workers to become more confident in constructively expressing their thoughts and feelings and breaks down barriers that may have been previously present.

Encourages creativity

As business is continuously changing, organizations need to focus on the strengths of their internal teams to utilize skills and ideas. Actively investing in team building is a great way to bring people out of themselves and explore their creativity during team building activities. Employees that can think outside the box and not feel restricted about their thoughts and ideas helps to keep organizations fresh and competitive. Organizing sessions such as the Escape Game is great for getting people to work together and express their creativity to solve clues and riddles. This type of team building exercise gives workers an instant buzz and gratification when their ideas or answers have helped move the team forward.


Improves productivity

One of the main reasons to invest in team building is the increased productivity it can bring to a workplace. Some of the main reasons that teams are unproductive are due to procrastination, too much work to cope with and general distractions. When these elements get in the way, it is difficult to get workers motivated and interested in the projects they are carrying out. Promoting team building here can help to take everyone’s mind off the task for just a short while and offer them a refreshed outlook after the experience. In a way, it is ‘time out’ from the day to day workload, and can help to refocus and re-energize an office.

Although increased productivity should not just be looked at as the end goal of a team-building exercise, it will come naturally in a team environment when active bonding is encouraged. Helping employees to realize their strengths and skills during these sessions too can also open up different ways of working and potentially bring new ideas to the table. Getting everyone focused on a common goal and fully communicating will also help to bring a team together as everyone feels like they are involved.


Reaping the benefits

Companies that understand the importance of team building are successful and innovative in their approach to working. They also know that the benefits of promoting team building in the workforce outweigh the costs in the long term. Profit margins do not just determine the future of a business but also the way teams work together can make the company productive and profitable. Real collaboration is a delicate balance of some factors and forcing corporate processes and sessions on workers will not have the desired effect. Thinking outside the box and working with everyone to ensure a healthy and happy working environment is key to sustaining and managing a positive workforce and a maintaining a healthy business.  

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