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Unfair Perceptions


An excerpt from Unbridled Faith: 100 Devotions from the Horse Farm, by Cara Whitney:

Unfair Perceptions

“But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home.” And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.” Matthew 13:57–58

Giving your trust to a horse after it has hurt you can be a hard obstacle to overcome. Even after a “naughty” horse has spent a good thirty days with a trainer, you are still left to wonder if he has changed his ways. The horse’s behavior may have changed, but how we see him is still the same.

Horses aren’t the only ones who suffer from unfair perceptions. Sometimes people’s perceptions of us are hard to overcome. Even Jesus experienced this. When He traveled to His hometown of Nazareth, the people there still saw Him as a carpenter’s son. Because they let pride blind their eyes, they missed out on the miracles the Messiah was willing to offer.

We also fall prey to people’s old perceptions of us. After you become a new creation in Christ, it’s the people you are closest to who have the hardest time recognizing and accepting the changed you. Don’t get discouraged if you are labeled by the things you’ve done in your past. We all have a past we are not proud of, but Jesus took those sins of ours on Himself when He died on the cross. They no longer have any power over us.

“To follow Christ” means we apply the truths we learn from His Word (the Bible) and live as if Jesus were walking beside us in person. Don’t make the mistake of seeking your validation and self-worth from the opinions of other people. Instead, know that the Father sees you as a new creation, which you are in Christ. Find your self-worth in knowing that you are God’s beloved.

Lord, help me to see myself as You see me instead of finding my value in the opinions of others. Thank You that I am Your beloved, amen.



Cara Whitney grew up on a cattle farm in Northern Wisconsin. After spending a decade as a radio personality in markets that included Las Vegas, she found herself in a search of that simpler life everyone
talks about. She soon discovered that there is no such thing as a simple life, but instead your best lived life is one that includes a relationship with Jesus Christ. Cara lives with her husband and two kids on a horse farm in Nebraska.

Cara, wife of comedian and actor Dan Whitney (aka Larry the Cable Guy), has written a beautiful horse devotional – Unbridled Faith: 100 Devotions from the Horse Farm, Thomas Nelson (June 5, 2018).

“I never really set out to write a book. I grew deeper in my faith by talking to God while I also spent time with my horses. I see a lot of myself through the personalities of my horses, and through them, Jesus challenges me to fix the broken parts of myself. This journey became ‘Unbridled Faith’,” Cara shared.

Unbridled Faith is a daily devotional for horse lovers that brings 100 devotions straight from Cara’s horse farm. Each devotional, along with stunning photography, provide lessons from scripture sprinkled with winsome stories of horses that Dan and Cara know and love. The devotionals teach readers how to overcome temptation, discover why they should be glad God doesn’t answer yes to all prayers, and provide a reminder that each person is priceless to God. “I first used horses to try and fill the God shaped hole that I had in my heart. As big as my horses are, not one of them could accomplish such a task. I made the decision to put Jesus Christ there instead, and I am so happy to be saved. I now use my
horses to help communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others,” said Cara.

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