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3 Ways to Streamline Customer Support on Your Website


As a work-at-home-mom or dad, you’re excited about the launch of your new company and website. You have done your homework and know you’re offering great products and/or services at reasonable prices. Now, you need the customers and orders to start rolling in.

In order to assist as many potential customers as possible, it’s important to find ways to streamline customer support to your new website and company. While some of your clients may want to call you directly, others might prefer live chat, and others may love reaching out via social media.

With these important ideas in mind, consider the following tips:

1. Consider Using a Cloud Call Center

As you’re likely already well aware, juggling a new company with your family out of a home office can be both exciting and challenging. After all, while you’ll want to devote as much energy as possible to your new venture, it can be difficult to focus at times when the phone rings every few minutes.

To help deal with this challenge, you may want to consider using a cloud call center to handle customer service calls for people who prefer to use the phone.

For instance, the marketplace is saturated with a number of stellar of cloud center solutions that will allow you to optimize workflows, avoid fragmentation and allow you put your energies toward other company-related tasks, all while providing a superior customer service experience with less hassle.

2. Harness the Power of Social Media

In order to reach and connect with as many customers as possible, it’s important to create and be active on social media. Make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with you by including your company’s phone number and website on your social media platforms, and also link to your social pages on your website.

Be on the lookout and be proactive in answering questions from prospects and customers alike on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Reply to each and every comment that comes in; if someone has an issue about one of your products and leaves a less-than-stellar review on social media, responding with a sincere apology and a promise to make things right will send a message to prospects that you strive to offer outstanding service.

3. Include an FAQ Section on Your Website

If you find yourself fielding the same types of questions over and over, adding an FAQ section to your website will give customers and prospects alike a way to research and answer questions on their own. You can include basic information like shipping charges, hours of operation and your location, as well as encourage people to share their experiences.

For inspiration, check out the best examples of online FAQ pages. For instance, McDonalds offers an informal but active FAQ section on their website that feels social and welcoming and not just filled with basic facts about the company.

Congratulations on Your New Company!

You’ve put a lot of proverbial blood, sweat and tears into launching your new company. Now, in order to make it grow and thrive, it’s important to offer multiple ways for your customers to reach you.

By looking into and investing in a cloud call center, being active on social media and making sure your website offers as much useful information as possible, you will be well on your way to providing outstanding customer support.

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