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5 Ways to Run an Ethical Business


Many companies often develop various guidelines for their employees to adhere to, which can range from social media policies to payroll and overtime procedures. However, few fail to establish an ethics policy, which clearly sets out a code of conduct for the brand and staff to adhere to each day.

If you want to create a policy of your own, here are five ways to run an ethical business.


  • Set Core Business Values


Core business values will set internal priorities for your brand and could help to set it apart from its rivals. After all, they will inform your target audience that you run a trustworthy business that takes responsibility for its decisions and actions.

The values you incorporate into your business are not only essential to your branding, but they will define corporate behavior that you expect your employees to embody.


  • Secure Consumer Data


Every business has a responsibility to protect consumers sensitive data, such as their:

  • Addresses
  • Bank and credit card information
  • Customer account numbers
  • Email addresses

Unfortunately, some organizations fail to take this legal obligation seriously. If you want to protect your consumers’ data, invest in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, which will encrypt all data between the customer and your web server. It can also prevent hackers from accessing the information.

As an SSL certificate will change a URL from HTTP to HTTPS, it can indicate to your visitors that their information will be protected when they use your website.


  • Work with Ethical Suppliers


Many other businesses will also adhere to a code of conduct each day. To run an ethical brand, you must affiliate your company with suppliers who share the same or similar values to your organization.

If you have pledged to run an environmentally-friendly business, you should only work with eco-friendly companies. For example, you could turn to for dependable web hosting, and you can enjoy peace of mind that they are a 100% green provider.


  • Publish Ethical Web Content


Misleading statements can present the wrong message to your target audience. If you want to run an ethical business, you must avoid exaggerating claims regarding the quality of your products and services to secure a sale.

If you fail to deliver on your promises, it cannot only lead to disappointed customers, but you could also develop a poor reputation in your industry. It is, therefore, essential to refine your marketing message and routinely update your web content to continually provide your visitors with reliable information.


  • Gain Your Visitors’ Trust


If possible, seek accreditation to prove to your visitors that you run a legitimate business. For example, if your audience spot the Better Business Bureau seal on your site, it can convey trust in your organization, and they will be more likely to buy your products and services.

So, if you want to run an ethical business, you must set core business values, work with ethical partners, align your business with credible industry organizations, and publish clear, honest content.

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