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How to Grow Your Direct Sales Business This New Year


by Chris Carroll

For many direct sellers, January brings that terrible fear regarding the growth of our direct sales business. Many of us want to grow our business and make a big impact on sales as well as income in the coming year.

January also bring that dreaded business planning back into focus. Yes, you should have been doing it all along, but now is the perfect time to start planning and making small changes in your business that over the year will bring you big impact.

If you simply make a weekly, monthly & yearly plan for your business and focus on adding one customer a week and/or one recruit a month, you will see your business grow by leaps and bounds in the coming year. One customer a week is 52 new customers. If you are in a direct sales business, you know those dollars will add up, especially if those customers remain loyal and place a lot of re orders with you.

One recruit a month can also add quite a bit to your income. That is 12 new team members. What will that do to your income level? If your team members also follow your plan, will they also be adding members? You bet. How can that impact your income? In a big way!

Take some time now to plan on some effective marketing for your business for the New Year. You will see that making small changes can really grow your business through the year. And remember to track your successes so you can see where you started and where you ended up. Celebrate success too! It will do wonders for you!

About the Author:
(Copyright) Chris Carroll ~ All Rights Reserved Chris is a work at home mom that has made direct sales her business of choice and enjoys sharing information and tips with others. You can find her at her business site . She has also partnered with a friend on a product review site for small business owners at . Article Source:


  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for using my article, Jill. I hope it inspires others to have plan and create an awesome business year!


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