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Ways to Make Money From Being an Investor


Many people discuss how important it is to start investing in order to create a more secure financial future, yet the downside is you  often need money in order to make money when it comes to investing… and the idea of investing can seem like something only already wealthy people can take part in.

That said, today, with the options offered by the internet for anything from creating a course online and selling via a platform such as Udemy to automated trading software, you don’t need all that much money in order to become an investor.

Let’s first off define what it means to be an investor in this context, as the idea of Shark Tank or the stock market can make people feel they need to have huge pots of money to invest in other businesses, yet to be an investor is simply to invest your time, money and effort in something that can reward you many times over.

If you think of this as the analogy of a fruit tree, an investor plants a seed and nurtures it to grow into a fruit tree that provides fruit for many years – perhaps even for multiple generations, whereas most people go to the supermarket and pick up their fruit in a way that they become consumers of fruit.

The ability to sow what you reap is therefore limited to investors, in this sense, as  employees are more like consumers are money in that they are caught on a constant treadmill of trading their time for money, unlike investors, that tend to grow fruit trees to provide fruit in perpetuity.

With regards to investing there are many different forms and ways to invest your money, the most common picture people pull up in their mind is that of the stock market, yet often a more reliable and accessible option is to purchase a few investment properties or create an asset in terms of writing a book, building a business, or leveraging any of the many ways to make passive income through the power of automated business systems that you can run from the comfort of anywhere you have an internet connection.

In that vein, let’s take a look at three of the most common forms of investment you can make to start reaping the benefits of your effort in perpetuity rather than being stuck in the somewhat alluring cycle of instant gratification provided through conventional employment.



Create an online course in a subject you know a lot about, host this course online via a platform such as Udemy or a simple wordpress website –  then market it like crazy and reap the heft rewards associated with content marketing and education.



This time-tested option is one of the most reliable strategies when it comes to long-term investments; one of the greatest challenges, of course, is that you need money to make money with regard to this… though, there are certain commercial mortgages and investment opportunities that simply require you to access credit rather than capital; making it attractive for most average people.



Finally, you can go down the traditional route of the stock market, though this is somewhat of a lottery and it’s necessary to be able to withstand a “loss” as well  as a “gain”, as markets are unpredictable and subject to fluctuations. After all, you don’t want to end up in financial difficulty as a result of taking a risk, that said, there are ways to stay ahead of the game and mitigate risk when it comes to investing in the stock market.

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