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101 Tips To Help Your Budget (And You!) at Home


101 Ways to Help Your Budget and You at Home

Contrary to what many believe, working at home isn’t all about making money. A big part of being a work-at-home mom (or dad) is finding ways to save money. For the next 30 days or so, we’ll be sharing ideas to help you keep more money in your wallet.

1. Cut Cable
One of the first ways that we began cutting costs at home was to go through all of our bills and see which of them we could eliminate. Cable was one expense we found that we could cut out fairly easily. We did eventually add it back in years later, but have now cut it out again because it’s just not an expense that makes sense for us. This past Christmas, our kids had trouble even making Christmas lists because they said they never saw commercials, so they didn’t know what they wanted. 🙂

2. Cook More
Another way we helped make ends meet when I first began staying home full-time was to eat at home for as many meals as possible. I found it helped me to want to cook if I tried out new recipes from time to time. There are lots of websites where you can recipes and websites like even offer cooking lessons via video.

3. Homemade Cleaning Products
Making your own cleaning products may sound like a chore (pun intended), but it can be easy and effective. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally melted some wax paper onto a cookie sheet (that I had just gotten for Christmas…). My mom advised that I sprinkle baking powder evenly over the cookie sheet, then pour a layer of vinegar on and then let it sit. Worked like a charm and cost me $0 as I already had both ingredients in my kitchen.

You can find lots of ideas and “recipes” in places like Pinterest. I also found some recipes here (but haven’t had a chance to try them out yet).


Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of 101 Tips To Help Your Budget (And You!) at Home.

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