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All Aboard The Remote Train: Stats And Facts About Remote Work


Upon thinking about the era we live in, there is a lot to be thankful for in terms of our jobs and work we perform daily. Many benefits were convened so our careers could be much less stressful. One of them is the remote work model, which is especially on the rise during the last decade.

Telecommuting was created so almost any career could include options for workspace flexibility, malleable productivity hours, less stressful commuting to work, etc. Another great commodity is that you get to virtually work with and meet a vast amount of other people, which wouldn’t normally be the case have you stayed in your headquarters or office.

As this work strategy is getting explored more and more on a daily basis, there are numerous facts and statistics constantly raking in, and we collected some of the most intriguing ones for you in the infographic below. 

For instance, Buffer conducted a survey that showed 99% of people who work on American soil would prefer the flexibility and conveniences that come with working remotely. This comes as no surprise since all people have individual workflows and habits.

A lot of industries are putting major work into embracing telecommuting, and they are doing it step-by-step. The leaders in the field of remote workflow applications include IT, arts, media, design, legislation, and, of course, finance. Since remote work is gaining massive popularity, other industries also do as much as possible to let their employees work out-of-office. 

Essentially, remote work is a win-win situation. Employees get a sense of bigger freedom, their stress levels are reduced, they don’t lose hours in traffic every day, and save a fair amount of money on transport and meal prep. 

They get to spend more time with family and friends. This is especially handy for working parents who need to engage in their children’s lives.

Meanwhile, employers get much higher productivity levels from their employees, who are now much more loyal, as they benefit largely from something they have been given. It is also important to mention that, by having much fewer people in-office, you drastically cut office amenity, equipment, and transportation costs. 

This also largely reduces the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, doing a great deal in saving our planet for the future.

It is redundant to say it’s worth giving remote work a shot. With everything said, the fact that you can spend more time with your loved ones or in a cozy coffee shop instead of being surrounded by colleagues says enough. There is a lot more to learn about remote work, so make sure to check out the infographic that follows.

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