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Decluttering For Spiritual Space


If we’re honest with ourselves our lives are jam packed full. From work, to family, church and social commitments very often carving some time out for peace and solitude is next to impossible.

But finding this space is important and not just because it gives us a moment’s rest from the hustle and bustle of daily life but because it gives us time to focus on the bits that are important. This might be your prayer life; it might be taking time to read up on your faith or your job or something else that brings fulfillment to your life with a little concentration and effort.

So how do we go about finding this time? The answer is that we don’t. It won’t be found but it can be created. We take a look at how to create time in the midst of a busy life.


Say no

A small but extremely effective word when used at the right time. Of course we’re not advocating being rude or aggressive but being firm? Absolutely. It’s very easy to get drawn into everyone’s problems and circumstances and give and give and give of your time but if you’re burnt out, spiritually hungry and stressed, you won’t, in the end, help anyone.

That’s why putting boundaries in place is the key to protecting your mental, physical and spiritual health and why you should put yours in place today. If you don’t want to take phone calls after 10pm, then let people know and don’t answer. If you don’t have the time to pick up some groceries for someone, suggest home delivery or another person who can help, but say no.


Make a routine

The easiest way to make something happen regularly is to do it regularly. If a Tuesday morning is your quiet time, then it happens every Tuesday without fail and it becomes your priority. Your friends and family will soon learn that there’s no point trying to get you to commit to something at this time as you always turn it down.

Don’t feel guilty about putting this routine in place; cultures and religions across the world from Buddhists to Lay Cistercians recognize the importance of a spiritual routine.


Cut out the clutter

And we don’t mean just the clothes and books you no longer use but the clutter that distracts us such as social media, Netflix and even working that little bit longer each day to meet deadlines we’ve more often than not created for ourselves. By all means, have these in your life but think long and hard about how much they really mean to you.

You don’t have to be a lifestyle guru to make a few significant changes, you just need to take time to start putting your priorities first and that should include your own time and space and not just those of your friends and family. Creating your own Sabbath is healthy, it’s Biblical and ultimately it will help you to be more effective in the life you lead.


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