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3 Ideas for Your Own eCommerce Store


If you’ve just started your own eCommerce store and are looking for new directions to take that might increase your ROI or your traffic, you’re not alone. Working online offers a different type of security to having a brick-and-mortar based job, but getting things to the stage where they become profitable is often difficult for new eCommerce stores. If that’s the case, you might want to try one or more of the following ideas to get you to a profitable stage.



1. Audit & Optimize Performance


You’re hopefully quite happy with the way your website looks, but then, looks aren’t everything. If your site isn’t optimized for search engines or for the user experience, you can find yourself at low levels of traffic that will be almost impossible to profit from. The answer? 

Well, to start, have a look at the eCommerce solutions offered by this Magento developer Los Angeles company: design for all devices, SEO & SEM, speed optimization and security reviews. You should be easily accessible for all devices, especially mobiles, as 72% of internet users will come from mobiles by 2025

Your SEO should be a never-ending effort, and it’s one that really pays off. Speed optimization is a vital part of SEO, but mainly because if your site isn’t fast enough, people just click off and you lose customers. Security goes without saying, but many small businesses still don’t think they’re targets, which paradoxically makes them major targets for hackers looking for an easy job. 


2. Affiliate Combination


Businesses that don’t sell products directly often make money through affiliate marketing. This type of marketing is one that comes from delivering value – often through providing customers in niche areas with guides and useful 3rd party products that they can buy. 

Affiliate marketers are proven to make money, so why not combine this idea with your eCommerce store? Start a blog (which you should have anyway for your SEO efforts) and fill it with useful guides for people who are interested in your niche. You can then recommend products on your blog and earn money for every purchase made through your website. You can even do this through Amazon, and it gives you a whole extra revenue stream.



3. Inject Dropshipping Where Possible


Dropshipping is a great way to get started as an eCommerce store because you don’t need any inventory space. For the unacquainted, dropshipping is when you sell products and ship them directly from other companies, essentially making you the middleman. It doesn’t require any investment besides that for your website, so the only thing you lose when you attempt to dropship is your time. If you’re looking for a way to make a higher margin on your site without making more investment, you should look for opportunities to dropship. If you’re thinking of starting up an eCommerce store from scratch, you should consider dropshipping, but remember that you will definitely have competition. Either find a niche that nobody has occupied or focus on a location that nobody else is specifically targeting.  

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