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3 Things Schools are Doing to Recruit More Students


At this point in time, it is no secret that many colleges and universities across the country are struggling to bring in the number of students that they need from year to year. Fewer students who are set to graduate from high school seem motivated to pursue an education at a university, and the fact that tuition costs are rising from year to year does not work in most schools’ favor. 

Ultimately, colleges and universities are trying to find creative ways of recruiting students. They are looking to showcase the things that make them great and inform students about the types of programs that they offer. The fact of the matter is that getting the message out to the right demographic of students is really half the battle for many schools.

Here are just three of the ways in which schools are looking to recruit more students.

1. Consulting experts


In decades gone by, many major universities and quality colleges didn’t have to think outside the box in order to bring in students. Most high school-aged students recognized that a college education was the best way to set themselves up for future success and it was the trend for young adults to head off to college. However, things have changed greatly in recent years, and more and more schools are having to get creative with the recruitment process.

One way in which they are accomplishing this is by consulting experts in student recruitment. There are full-service marketing agencies out there who have done the market research and developed specific tactics for reaching prospective students. By working with companies like Sextant Marketing Digital Marketing Agency, you can reach more students and bring your enrollment numbers up in a big way.


2. Using social media

Most universities and colleges have become wise to the fact that a large portion of their target demographic for recruitment efforts lives on social media. Students of all ages engage in social media on a daily basis making such platforms goldmines of prospective recruits. 

The trick is understanding the best social media practices in order to best design targeted ads and reach the greatest number of students who would be interested in a school like yours. Social media marketing is something that will take a great deal of research and planning, but schools that are doing it correctly have been reaping the rewards.


3. Holding memorable events

Recruitment events have long since been a tool that universities and colleges use to attempt to recruit students directly and in person. However, students these days are warier of traditional recruitment methods and practices. This means that schools are looking to create events that are more memorable in nature.

Making a memorable impression that will make your school stand out from the crowd isn’t always a simple task. For instance, instead of hosting on-campus events that can be impractical for many students, schools are opting to reach out and visit different cities in order to meet with prospective students.

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